DokiDoki Precure Episode 04

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, ready for timing




Alice: Please give that back!

Yellow Boy: Shaddup!

Green Boy: You've got some nerve, carrying around a box of 72 different colored pencils just because your family's rich.

Alice: But, but...

Mana: Cut it out!

Ganging up on a girl and bullying her is pathetic!

Alice: Mana-chan...

{End flashback}

Sebastian: Today's tea is first flush Darjeeling tea. {"First flush is harvested in mid-March following spring rains, and has a gentle, very light color, aroma, and mild astringency." }

If you'd like, please also have some Cherry Jam.

Mana: Thank you.
Ah, delicious!

Rikka: Kinda tastes like Spring, doesn't it?

Cheryl: This is no time to be drinking tea!

Raquel: We need to hurry up and find Lance.

Mana: Yeah, I know already.

Rikka: So, what's up Alice? Isn't this month's tea time next week?

Mana: What did you want to talk about?

Alice: Yes. I wanted to speak with you two about {dramatic break goes here}
Precure of course. {continuation of the previous line, broken for dramatic effect}

Alice has security cameras down the rabbit hole

Mana: Precure?

Rikka: What makes you say that?

Alice: Sebastian.

Sebastian: Right. {He seems to say はい to acknowledge all of her requests. This is a simple, one word acknowledgment.}

Lance: Yo! {Troololololol}

Mana + Rika + Cheryl + Raquel: La-Lance?!

Title: I must decline! I cannot be a Precure!! {Make sure this matches the final title in ep 3's preview}

Cheryl: Lance? What's going on here?!

Lance: Well...

{Flashback to last episode, make sure it matches the final script for that scene}

Teacher: Huh? Why are you two still here?
Well, I'm about to lock up.
You two better get this mess cleaned up and be ready to go in the next three minutes.

Rikka: Oh no!

Mana: Hey, wait a sec!

{That's it for lines from last episode for this flashback}

Lance: Huh?

Lance: Cheryl? Raquel?
Where did everyone go?
I wish they hadn't left me all alone.

Alice: Oh dear me.
Whatever shall I do?
Hang in there.

Lance: And that's what happened.

Mana: I see...

Raquel: You weren't supposed to tell her about Precure!

Lance: Raquel's mad at me.

Alice: I'm afraid that accusing him is misplacing the blame. {or "I didn't find out about it from him." but I felt this was more Alice's style. More literally "Attacking him is barking up the wrong tree", if you switch out the Japanese saying "calling at the wrong house/door" for the English equivalent.}

Sebastian: Right.

Mana (on screen): Precure Love Link!

Mana: That's... {An incomplete sentence w/ and implied question}

Alice: A video from a Clover Tower security camera. {the completion of the sentence as an answer to that implied question}
I'm glad I deleted it as soon as I realized what it was. As it was, your secret identitie as a Precure only narrowly escaped public scrutiny.

Cheryl: That would have been a huge problem!

Mana: Alice, please keep this a secret!

Sebastian: Rest assured that aside from myself and milady, no one else knows of this matter.

Alice: However, I can't just ignore this.
And so, I have a proposal.

Rikka: A proposal?

Alice: Why don't you let me be your manager? {Yes, she says プロデュース (produce), but a producer manages/supports 'talent', not superheroes. And what Alice is doing is providing logistical and other support that a manager would supply.}

{Scene change}

Mammo: A third one now? Seriously, Ira?

Ira: Yeah, yet another new one.
This one was blue, and all fluffy like this, and sickeningly sparkly.

Mammo: Oh? Has she stolen your heart? {sea watt eye dyd their?}

Ira: NO!

Bel: So what of it?
Were you scared of this new Precure that you ran back here?

Ira: I'm not scared of their numbers.

Bel: Yet you still lost?

Ira: Shaddup!

Mammo: Even so, are there going to be even more Precure? Ewww...

Bel: We should hurry up and destroy this place.
Just like we did to the Trump Kingdom.

Rikka: When you say "manage" us...
Mana: What do you mean, exactly?

Alice: Well...

Cheryl: It's the dark heartbeat of a Selfishe!

Mana: Oh?

Rikka: Where at?

Sebastian: It looks to be in front of the Ohgai City train station.

Rikka: You know that?

Sebastian: Yes.

Alice: Please don't underestimate the power of the Yotsuba zaibatsu's information network. {Probably need to have a discussion with respect to whether or not to translate/localize "zaibatsu".}

Sebastian: Very well.

Alice: Come now, let us be off!

{scene change]

Selfishe: Sound blaster! {So the Seflishe is saying, 音漏れ. Which is basically a term for overhearing stuff from someone else's headphones. Literally "sound leakage". Went with "Sound blaster" because it's amusing. --Kanmuri}

Ira: That's it, Selfishe!

Heart: Stop right there!
A-Abundant Love.... Cure Heart!

Diamond: The light of wisdom... Cure Diamond!

Are you okay?

Heart: Just a little carsick.

Ira: Selfishe!

Selfishe: Volume at max!

Lance: Get him!

Selfish: Selfishe! {Not subbing the チューs here.}

Ira: Nice, Selfishe! Keep it up!

Lance: Those two are doing their best.
Come on, Alice, we should transform...

Sebastian: Would you like another cup?

Alice: Yes, thank you.

Lance: What are you doing? We should fight too!

Alice: Don't worry. This fight will be coming to an end soon.

Selfishe: Selfishe!
Huh? Self?

Ira: What's wrong? Did something.... huh?
His battery is dead?!

Alice: Now's your chance.

Diamond: Heart!

Heart: Right.
Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Sebastian: The footage has been deleted from the camera monitoring the front of the train station.
Uploaded content from eyewitnesses and other such data have also been erased.

Alice: Good work. Thank you.

Mana: Your butler really is amazing.

Sebastian: Not really, this the least I can do.

Alice: Anyway, I plan to keep on closely supporting you two like this as your manager.

Rikka: Well, we'll certainly be able to breath easier-

Lance: Alice...

Alice: Lance-chan?

Lance: Why wouldn't you fight, Alice?
Even though Mana and Rikka were both fighting all-out, you alone were sitting in the back drinking tea. That's just wrong!

Cheryl: Lance?

Lance: Alice should have transformed into a Precure and been fighting too!

Mana: Speaking of which...

Rikka: Alice doesn't have a Cure Lovie, does she?

Alice: A "Cure Lovie"?

Mana: Oh, this thing.

Cheryl: If you don't have one of these, you can't transform.

Alice: Sebastian.

Sebastian: Of course.

Mana: It's a Cure Lovie!

Rikka: How?

Alice: I received it from a guy at a stand there at Clover Tower.

Mana: That guy...

Lance: That settles it.
Alice! I came to this world to discover you.
Please become a Precure and fight alongside me!

Alice: I'm sorry.
I can't become a Precure.

Lance: Whaaaaaat?! {Yeah, "d'oh" won't work for this ガーン}
A-A-Alice is such a dummy! {Went with "dummy" since it seems to fit his character, as the youngest of the fairies.}

Cheryl + Raquel: Lance!

Mana: Lance...


Fist of the Four Leaf

Lance: Why won't Alice become a Precure?

Mana: I might happen to know one reason for that.

Cheryl: Mana.

Lance: What is it?

Mana (voiceover): We went to the same Elementary School.
Having a rich girl at our school was so rare that she got teased a lot for it.

Mana: You should be ashamed of yourselves!
{end flashback}

Rikka: Yeah, if that's all that had happened, it would have been okay. However...

Raquel: What happened?

Rikka: Well...


Older boy: You're the little squirt that "took care" of my little brothers? {「てめぇか? オレの弟たちをかわいがってくれたのは」 According to ( かわいがる on the Japanese Wikipedia, it has the meaning of "to be affectionate", or to be more verbose, to be particularly focused on giving the object of one's attention lots of love and affection. However it also has a reverse and completely opposite meaning that's used in an ironic manner. In this meaning, it means to be particularly focused on teasing/ridiculing/etc. the object of one's attention.}

Rikka: I'll go get a teacher.

Mana: It's fine.
I'm not a coward that runs to their big brother when they've met their match. {Technically she says 年上, meaning an older person, but I thought being specific worked better.}

Yellow boy: What was that?!

Green boy: Well you're always sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong!
You're really just trying to make yourself look good! {alternatively "You're really just trying to show off!"}

Mana: What?! Of course not!

Yellow boy: Everyone says you're annoying.

Rikka: That's a lie!

Yellow boy: That's what all they say about you, for real!

Green boy: Nosy show-off!

Mana: No! I'm not like that! {or "That's not what I'm doing!"}
That's not me at all!

{Aaaaaaand Alice snaps, whee!}

Yellow boy: Ha, we made her cry!

Green boy: Take that!

Alice: Take that back, please.

Rikka: Alice?

Older boy: What's your problem?

Alice: Those abusive remarks about Mana...
PLEASE TAKE THEM BACK NOW!! {She's still using polite language even when she's yelling at them.}

{flashback break}

Lance: Alice got into a fight?
How'd it turn out?

Rikka: Well, you see, Alice had learned lots of things from her Grandfather. Not just piano and calligraphy; but also karate, kendo, judo, and aikido.

Lance: No way...

{flashback continues}

Older boy: I-I lost...

Mana: Alice?

{flashback ends}

Mana: Alice hasn't practiced any of her martial arts since then.
When Alice sees her friends being made fun of, she gets so angry that she forgets herself.

Rikka: She probably knows that, too.
And I'm sure that's why she can't become a Precure.

Cheryl: There's a dark heartbeat!

Mana: Another one?

Rikka: Mana!

Mana: Yeah.

Cheryl: Lance?

Lance: I'm going to go see Alice once more.

Mana: Understood.

Cheryl: Let's hurry!

Mana: Right.

{scene change}

Sebastian: Milady, it seems that another Selfishe has appeared.

Alice: And what about Mana and Rikka?

Sebastian: They're already on their way.

Alice: I see.

Sebastian: Are you okay with this?

Alice: I'm just their manager. I'll leave the fighting to them.

Sebastian: Don't you really want to be fighting alongside them? {Not "with them" because that sounds like they are her opponents, not her allies.}

Alice: Huh?

Sebastian: Over my years of service to you, I've noticed that you are the most energetic during the time that you're with Mana-sama and Rikka-sama. That's how I feel, at least. {Well, -tachi needs to be translated, but there's a -sama attached to it. So I see the options to either add the -sama to both names, translate it to something else, or drop it. Went with the first option. Also, really don't think that for 一番かがやいてる "sparkling" or "glowing" fits here, so I went with "most energetic", could also use "happiest".}
I do hope it's okay to be frank with you from time to time. {"Even though my name is Sebastian, not Frank." *rimshot*}

Alice: I can't go. I'm too scared.
I'm afraid that someday I'll completely lose it and hurt someone.
So a Precure's powers are very dangerous for me.

Lance: You're wrong about that.

Alice: Lance-chan!

Lance: The power of a Precure is for protecting those you hold dear.
You shouldn't be scared of that!


Alice's Grandfather: Alice, I heard what happened.

Alice: Oh, Grandfather!

Alice's Grandfather: Power is not just for subduing your opponents.
Ponder this well.
For what reason does your fist strike another?
Power is something to protect what you love.
As long as you keep that in mind, you will never again be overtaken by it.
Alice, refine what you fear in yourself. Enhance your heart!

{end flashback}

Alice: Power is...
Something to protect that which you hold dear!

{Her Cure Lovie starts glowing}

Alice: Thank you, Lance-chan.
I'm not afraid anymore.

{scene change}

Selfish: Yo, listen to the sound I'm tossin' your way.
A breaded cutlet sandwich was lunch today, yeah!

Rikka: This time it's a boombox?

Mana: Wazzat?
Well, I don't quite get it, but let's go!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Raquel: Raquel!

Rikka: Precure Love Link!

Raquel: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Ira: There they are.

Cure Heart: Poor, sad, and lovelorn boombox...
I, Cure Heart, will- Gah!

Hey! Wait until I'm finished saying the whole thing!

Selfishe: You're botherin' me! {Somewhat liberal translation of 邪魔するな}

Cure Diamond: We'll have to wait until its batteries run down again.

Cure Heart: Yeah.

Ira: Hey stupid, look over there!

Cure Heart: A power cable!

Ira: Hit 'em with all you've got!

Selfish: Yeah!

Ira: Grab 'em!

Selfish: Catch your heart!
Got you!

Spinnin', spinnin'! Let's go around!

Now go away! {Yeah, not sticking with the literal Engrish for these lines. ;)}

Ira: Finish them off, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Okay, baby.

Alice: Stop right there.
I'm afraid I will not permit you to hurt my dear friends any longer.

Heart + Diamond: Alice!

Alice: Well then, Lance-chan...
Can you help me with this?

Lance: Of course!

Alice: Precure Love Link!

Lance: L O V E

Cure Rosetta: A warm sunny spot, Cure Rosetta!

Cure Diamond: A warm sunny spot?

Cure Heart: Cure Rosetta!

Ira: They've multiplied again!

Cure Rosetta: Love is all that governs the world. {「世界をせいするのは愛だけです」}
Now, come and let me nurture the love in your heart! {「さぁ あなたも わたしと 愛を育んでくださいな」}

Ira: What are you blabbering about? Get 'er Selfish!

Selfish: Oh yeah!

Cure Rosetta: Wow... So this is the the power to protect those I care about.

Cure Heart: Rosetta!

Selfish: How about this then? I'll crank it up to eleven!
My bazooka's really ace. Take it straight to your face.

Lance: Lance!

Cure Rosetta: Firm and strong Rosetta wall!

Selfishe: Yo!

Cure Diamond: She blocked it.

Cure Heart: Wow!

Ira: Yeah, but that's just a defense.

Cure Rosetta: No, defense is the ultimate offense!

Ira: The noise stopped!

Cure Heart: Why?

Cure Diamond: I've got it! Noise cancelling!

Cure Rosetta: Now's your chance.

Cure Heart: Right.

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Cure Heart: Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart!

Selfishe: Love, love, love... yeah...

Ira: Crud! I'll get you back for this!

Male vicitm: Huh?

Lance: Thanks, Alice.

You definitely are the best partner for me!

Alice: Let's be great partners.

Rikka: Well, now there's three Precure.

Cheryl: And if we get Cure Sword to join us, there'll be four.

Alice: Cure Sword?

Mana: There's another Precure, but we don't know yet if she's and enemy or ally.

Alice: Well, I might know something about that.

Rikka: Really?

Alice: Clover Tower's security cameras captured both that other Precure, and another person of interest. {「クローバータワーの防犯カメラにもう1人プリキュアと思わしき人がうつっていました」 Had some trouble with this line. Finally figured out the と wasn't quoting, it was saying both had been captured by the cameras. She wasn't saying Makoto was Cure Sword yet. Especially considering the dialogue in the next episode preview.}
That's right, she's right over there.
That person.

Mana: No way... Makopi?!



Mana: Extra, extra! Hey, listen!

Rikka: What are you yelling about, Mana?

Mana: D-D-D-Don't panic. C-C-C-Calm down and listen.

Rikka: Mana, you're the one who needs to calm down!

Alice: Mana-chan, would you like some tea?

Mana: Oh, that's good. Wait, this is no time to be drinking tea!

Rikka: So what's up?

Mana: I've got it, I know who Cure Sword is!

DokiDoki! Precure

Next Episode Title: No way! She's Cure Sword??

Be still my beating heart!