DokiDoki Precure Episode 03

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL Complete -- Ready for timing



Mana: Sorry for the wait.
Figured anything out?

Rikka: I don't really understand them in depth at all, but I can tell you one thing.
These weren't made of any known Earthly material. {Really, I was sure they were made of.... Curium! *rimshot*}

Mana: No way!

Rikka: Where did you get these?

Mana: This one appeared from a ball of light while I was transformed.
This one I got from the guy at the stand you found me at in front of Clover Tower.

Rikka: Do you three know anything about that?

Cheryl: Not really.

Raquel: We pretty much ended up coming here right after being born, so we don't really know much of anything.

Mana: So is that's why you guys are so vague about everything.

Raquel: How rude!

Cheryl: We've been doing the best that we can, given the circumstances.

Mana: Sorry, sorry.

Rikka: That's right. Thanks to the help of you three, I've been able to figure out a few things.

Mana: Such as?

Rikka: It seems the Cure Lovies are the source of a Precure's powers.
It's quite likely that the number of Lovies you have determines what powers you'll have as a Precure.

Mana: {へぇ from Mana} Cure Lovies really are incredible, aren't they?

Teacher: Huh? Why are you two still here?

Rikka: Sorry, we had some things we were looking into that we desperately wanted to finish by day's end.

Mana: Yeah.

Teacher: I'm heading home now, so you better get this cleaned up in the next three minutes so I can lock up.

Rikka: Oh dear.

Mana: Wait a minute!


Diamonds are a Precure's best friend

Title: Introducing my Greatest Ally! Cure Diamond

Rikka: Even so, I'm interested in that guy who gave you the Cure Lovie. {She's talking like we've jumped into the middle of their conversation.}
I think checking him out at least once may be necess... {trails off}

Poster: Kenzaki Makoto

Mana: Hey, did you know? Makopi's next concert is gonna be at the Yotsuba Stadium.
There were 60,000 tickets, but I heard they sold out in just three minutes!
Aww, and I wanted to go, too.

Rikka: Geez, Mana. This is no time for making merry.

Raquel: That's right!

Cheryl: We still don't know who the Precure that saved Mana really is. {Uh, huh.... *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*}

Rikka: Mana...

{Mana's stomach growls}

Mana: Alright! Since I'm starving, let's head to my place to eat and formulate a plan.

Rikka: No objections here!

Raquel + Cheryl: Yeah!

Rikka: Ah, since we're doing that, let me call home now and let them know.

Raquel: What's she doing?

Mana: Rikka's mom'a s doctor, so she often gone in the evenings.
So she's calling to let her know what we're doing.

Kentarou: Here you go. Eat up!

Mana + Rikka: Wow! Thanks! {That looks really good *drool* xD}

Rikka: Mmmm... it's like it's melting in my mouth. {「うーん ほっぺた落ちそう」}
Your dad's cooking really is the best, Mana! {Sounds better to me than "Mana's dad's cooking..."}

Kentarou: That's great to hear.

Mana: That's my dad for you!

Grandpa: Hmph!

Mana + Rika + Kentarou: Huh?

Grandpa: He's half the man I am!

Kentarou: You want to throw down then, dad? {"throw down" as in "throw down the gauntlet"}

Grandpa: Of course!

Kentarou: If you think I've stayed at the same level I was long ago, you're making a bit mistake.

Grandpa: You've still got a long way to go!

Ayumi: Yeah, yeah. That's enough, you two.
The customers are waiting, so finish this later, okay?

Rikka: Sorry, you guys are always feeding me. I hope I'm not a bother.

Mana: Nothing to worry about. We're neighbors and trade favors anyway.

Ayumi: {to incoming customer} Welcome!
{to Rikka} Please, take your time.

Kentarou: There's plenty more where that came from.

Rikka: Thanks alot!

Sign: Western Cuisine Restaurant - Pig's Tail

Rikka: Thanks for dinner.

Mana: Thanks for joining us for dinner.

Cheryl: You two really are good friends.

Raquel: Might as well ask you now. Have you considered becoming a Precure, Rikka?

Rikka: Huh?

Raquel: Well, um...
You're really smart and kind, and it would make me really happy if you'd, like, become my partner. {Inserted the "like" for the なんて at the end there}

Mana: Great idea!
If you were to fight alongside me, we'd have the strength of hundreds!

Rikka: A Precure? Me?

Cheryl: What would her name be?

Mana: Let's see. I'm Heart, so how about Cure Dia?

Raquel: Yeah yeah!

Rikka: What a second here!
I don't have incredible athletic abilities like Mana.
I'm no good with showing off in front of others.
And that kind of lacy dress doesn't really suit me.
Not to mention that not just anyone can become a Precure, right?

Mana: That's fine! If I was able to become one, I'm sure you can too!

Rikka: You have a strong sense of justice, and are someone everyone can count on.
I think I understand now why you could become a Precure.
However, I couldn't do that.
You're the only one who can go all out like that.

Mana: That's not true, you're always there to support me.

Rikka: Thanks.

Mana: Rikka.

Rikka: Don't worry, I'll keep backing you up like I always have.
Let's go find that guy who gave you that Lovie tomorrow.
Good night!

Mana: Running away, are we?

Rikka: I'm home.
It's from Papa!

Letter from Rikka's dad: Rikka, how are you doing?
You father is currently in a place called Machu Picchu.
The people in this area are very kind, and have sold me antiques at very low prices.

Rikka: Machu Picchu?
Geeze Papa, since you're a pro photographer and all, I thought you would have sent me at least one photo.

Letter from Rikka to her dad: To my precious Papa: {alternatively "Dearest Dad", I like the alliteration, but felt I should stick with "Papa"}
Thanks as always for the unique souvenirs.
Mama and I are both fine.
In particular, Mama's been too busy to even catch a cold with her work at the hospital.

Rikka: Guess I can't really write about Precure, of course.

Letter continues: This week is one where we greet all the students as they come to school. {This is known as あいさつ運動, and, given what I saw for image and video searches for the term, was probably what they were doing in that lineup last episode, which is why I picked that wording. That and "we're practicing our greetings" sounds very... odd. The purpose of あいさつ運動 is to practice your あいさつ (greetings and farewells). According to what what I found in my research, the idea is to foster better social ties and behaviors by practicing proper, energetic greetings. Or something like that.}
So I'm getting up at 6 AM every day to go to school.
Mana's says "Good morning" in quite a loud voice, and it seems to drive any sickness away.
You stay healthy too, Papa. I look forward to hearing more stories of your travels.

{Scene change}

Neon sign behind Ira's head: gog♥! Jikochu {in Romaji, probably need to discuss what to do with this one, I'm in favor of just leaving it as is.}

Mammo: You seem to be in bad spirits.
Ira: Of course I am!
I've already lost two Selfish to them.

Bel: You've gotta keep a cool head if you want to win the game, Ira.

Ira: Bel!

Mammo: Oh, you're here too now?
I've got orders from above to check out the situation here.
Why are you two having so much trouble handling one little girl?

Ira: Not just one!

Mammo: They've multiplied. {This TL's for you, Mag, w.}
There's two Precure now.

Bel: Well, that is a bother. Should I lend a hand?

Ira: I don't need your stinkin' help!
No matter how many there are, I'll take care of 'em myself!

{Next morning with Rika at the mailbox dropping off her letter.}

Mana: A Love Letta? {"Letta" instead of "Letter" because of how Mana says レチャー instead of レター.}

Rikka: Mana!

Rikka: It's for my dad! He'd be upset if I didn't write him back.

Mana: Anyone would be happy to receive a letter, especially if it was from their daughter.

Rikka: Why don't you write one then?

Mana: My papa doesn't travel overseas like yours.
It's meaningless to write a letter when we're living in the same house together.

Rikka: Come now, your dad is an awesome guy who can deeply move people with his cooking, right?
So why not tell him how awesome he is in a letter?

Mana: But my dad doesn't have trophies from winning photo contests.

Cheryl: Let's get going, you two.

Raquel: Let's go talk to that guy who gave you that Cure Lovie.

Mana: Okay, okay. We're going now.

Joe: Oops!

Rikka: Mana

Mana: Ow!

Joe: Sorry about that. You're not hurt are you?

Mana: Ah, thanks. Sorry about that.
Oh! Hello.

Rikka: Someone you know?

Mana: He's the guy who gave me the Cure Lovie.

Joe: So we meet again, hmm, Baby? {<Joe_Okada> Do the monkey with me!}


Okay, so who is this suave blond guy anyway, really?

Joe: I'm happy to see you, though.
To think that we'd run into each other again on my store's opening day.
Would you call that the hand of fate?

Mana: Opening day?

Joe: That's my shop.

Mana: Wow, it's cute!

Joe: If you'd like, how about taking a look inside?

Mana: I'd love to!

Rikka: Hey, wait a sec!

Mana: What's up?

Rikka: Don't you think it's strange at all?
No matter how you look at it, just opening up a shop here "by coincidence" is too out there.
Maybe he's stalking you.

Mana: No way!

Joe: What's wrong?

Mana: Umm...

Rikka: Just who on Earth are you?

Mana: Hang on-- Rikka!

Rikka: With the power of this Lovie, Mana transformed.
I'm not taking "I don't know" for an answer!
Why don't you say anything?

{Joe laughs}

Rikka: What's so funny?

Joe: Ah, sorry. My bad.
I see, a transformation, hmm?
With a little push, a girl can completely change herself, right?

Rikka: I'm not speaking in parables!

Mana: I really did transform, though...

Joe: You mean my Lovies have the power to bring forth a new you, right?
That I've brought you such joy makes me very happy as well.
Thank you.

Rikka: Cut it out already.

Joe: Oh that's right. When I was sorting through my stock, I came upon this.

Raquel: It's just like your Lovie, Mana.

Joe: I'll give this to you.

Rikka: M-Me?

Joe: A freebie in honor of my store opening.

Raquel: Th-That's a--

Mana: Rikka?
You okay?

Rikka: Y-Yeah.

Joe: You seem to be quite taken by it. {Same wording used in episode one. n.n}

Rikka: Um, I can't accept this.

Mana: Rikka?

Rikka: I can't accept a meaningless gift from a stranger from who-knows-where.
And most importantly, I can't let things just go according to your plans.

Joe: You seem to have the wrong idea about this.

Rikka: The wrong idea?

Joe: I'm not the one that's chosen you.
That Cure Lovie has chosen you.
The one to decide how to use that power should be you, right?

{Scene change}

Girl 1: Hurry up and drop in your love letter!

Girl 2: But...
What do I do if he doesn't respond?

Girl 1: Better to worry about that then not send it at all.
Come on, summon up your courage and send it!

Girl 2: But, but...

Male victim: Feh, a love letter?
I don't even get so much as a New Year's card from a girl.
I hope it gets lost in the mail.

Girl 1: Let's get out of here.

Male victim: Yikes. If I keep saying stuff like that, I'll never get a girlfriend.

Ira: It's not your fault.

Male victim: Who's there?

Ira: I'm gonna grant your wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Where are you off to? {御用事な~に~!I originally had "What's on your to-do list?" but I decided to change it to "Where are you off to?" because I think he was talking to the girls who had started walking away, and then who ran away screaming.}
Letters should just get lost!

Ira: Come, show yourselves Precure!
This time for sure, your graves-

Selfishe: Mmm mmm, letters are so good!

Ira: What in blazes are you doing? You should be rampaging!

Selfishe: Postcards are tasty, too!

Ira: Selfish little brat.

{Back at the store}

Cheryl: We've got a problem!

Mana: What's wrong?

Raquel: We can hear the heartbeat of a Selfishe.

Mana: Rikka!

Joe: Your friend's calling you.

Rikka: We'll be back soon. Let's go.

Mana: Right.

Selfishe: Selfishe!
Direct mail's delish! {"delish" is a slangy shorthand for "delicious", yes I'm trying to use different words each time for うめぇ. Alternatively, "Ads are appetizing!" could work as well, but I prefer the existing line.}

Mana: There really is a Selfishe here!

Rikka: It's eating all the letters!

Mana: Let's go, Cheryl!

Cheryl: Okay.


Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!
Poor, sad, and lovelorn goat...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Ira: There you are, Precure!
Get 'er, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Express mail's scrumptious!

Ira: Listen when I'm talking!

Cure Heart: That's Rikka's air mail!

Selfishe: Hand those letters over!

Rikka: What's wrong? Fight, Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: There's no way I can let these letters that people poured their feelings into be eaten!

Selfishe: {maaa maaa maaa} {just bleating here, probably best to just skip this line}

Ira: Go for it, Selfishe!
Stop the Precure!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Raquel: Run, Cure Heart! {Comma's needed here, otherwise it looks like it's saying to run the software named "Cure Heart" or something like that. ;)}

Cure Heart: I won't hand them over!

Rikka: Mana!


Rikka: Mana and I have been friends for forever.
Everyday has been a bright and shiny day full of fun because she's been there with me.

Posted notice: Now accepting Student Council nominations {生徒会立候補募集}

Teacher: So it's that time of year again, huh?

Male student 1: Next year's Student Council President should be Mana.

Male student 2: Totally.

Mana: M-Me?

Female student 1: Yeah, there's no one else we'd rather have.

Female student 2: Run for President, Mana!

Female student 1: Yeah!

Mana: Well, in that case, let's run together, Rikka.

Rikka: Huh?

Mana: I'll be Student Council President, and you can be the Secretary, k?

Rikka: Wait a minute? Why me?

Mana: Because I need your help. I couldn't have gotten this far without you. And I'm sure we'll be able to do amazing things together.

Rikka: Mana...

{End flashback}

Selfishe: {maaaaa} {more bleating, again, likely skippable}

Raquel: Cure Heart!

Joe (audio-only flashback): The one to decide how to use that power should be you, right? {Make sure this matches this same line earlier in this ep.}

Rika: My own power!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Ira: Wh-What!?

Cure Heart: That light!

Raquel: Rikka!

Rikka: Raquel!

Raquel: Place that light on me!

Rikka: Okay!


Raquel: Raquel!

Rikka: Precure Love Link!

Raquel: L O V E

Cure Diamond: The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!
I will not allow others feelings to be trampled underfoot!
I, Cure Diamond, will cool your head for you!

Cure Heart: Cure Diamond!

Ira: They keep multiplying.
Get 'em, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Mana: I'm Aida Mana, nice to meetcha!
{End flashback}

Rikka: I too can fly, as long as I'm with Mana. Fly high into the sky!

Raquel: Raquel!

Cure Diamond: Sparkle for me, Twinkle Diamond!

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Male victim: Huh?

Ira: Blast it! You'll pay for that later! {This is the first time in 3 eps they actually used this classic corny line, w}

Cure Diamond: Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Hmm?

Mana: I'm so glad. I knew if anyone could transform it would be you, Rikka.
This was the right thing to do, wasn't it?

Raquel: Rikka, I'm happy to be working with you from here on out.
Rikka: Yeah.

Cheryl: Since Raquel's found a partner, the only one left is Lance.

Raquel: Where are you?

Rikka: Now that you mention it, how long has Lance been missing?

Mana: Uh... How long?
I'm pretty sure he was with us until after school yesterday, but...

Everyone: Oh no, Lance is missing!

Alice: You seem to be quite troubled about something.

Mana + Rikka: Huh? Alice!

Alice: Good day to you, Mana-chan, Rikka-chan.

Cheryl: Whozzat?



Alice: Mana-chan, security cameras {ぼうはんカメラ} recorded the Precure.

Mana: Really Alice? What do we do?

Alice: As it is, I'm afraid the existence of the Precure will be publicly revealed!

Mana: That'd be a problem.

Alice: And so, I'll become the Precure's producer!

Mana: P-Producer?

DokiDoki! Precure

I decline! {Not sure if this is お嬢様 enough, but I think so, as I did pick 'decline' instead of 'refuse'.}
I cannot be a Precure!!

Mana: Be still my beating heart!