DokiDoki Precure Episode 02

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For the blog notes for this episode: (Rikka tells an abbreviated version of this story to Mana during the episode)
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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete, second pass complete, ready for timing.



{Continuing from the end of episode 01}
Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Sword: Cure... Heart...

Lance: Cure Heart!

Raquel: It's the advent of a new Precure!


And you thought Mana was fast before

Title: D'oh! Cure Heart is Unmasked!!

Ira: Gimme a break, she wasn't the last Precure.

Mammo: She's probably a newbie.

Ira: What a bother.
Why you-!
You little-!

Cure Heart: I feel so light!

Mammo: What are you playing at?

Cure Heart: My body is moving so deftly!
I think I jumped a little too high.

Ira + Mammo: Gotcha!

Ira: Yer in my way!

Mammo: That's my line!
I've got an idea. Selfishe!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
Quite Self-self-self-self-selfishe!

Mammo: If you continue to oppose us, your little friend here is going go falling head over heels.

Cure Heart: Wai- are you serious?

Ira: You don't get it, do ya?

Mammo: The heart of the world revolves around King Selfishe.
We're not above any sort of underhanded trick!

Cure Sword: You're the ones who don't get it.
That girl isn't my friend or anything of the sort.
If you think she'd lay down her life just to save mine, you've made a big mistake.

Mammo: What was that!?

Selfishe: Self!

Mammo: What!?

Raquel: Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Cure Sword!

Selfishe: Self! Selllllllllf!

Cure Sword: Why did you-?

Cure Heart: I shouldn't need a reason to save someone.

Selfishe: Self self self selllf...

{Rope breaks and the girls fall.}

Selfishe: Self self... I'm gonna fall!

Female victim (Selfishe): Help me!


Ira: I can make a first-rate Selfishe with this one!

{End Flashback}

Cure Heart: What if the Selfishe doesn't want or mean to rampage?
But instead it's just a troubled creature that's been forced into that form?
If so, I've gotta save it!
What's this light?
Another Cure Lovie...
Cheryl, let's do it!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Cure Heart: Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart! {Style guide page has a preliminary TL of "Let my feelings break through! My Sweet Heart!" but after seeing the attack and the context surrounding it, I think this is a better translation. --Kanmuri}

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Cure Sword: She cleansed a Selfishe...

Lance + Raquel: Yahoo!

Ira: Ha ha! They got yours too!

Mammo: Oh do be quiet!

Cure Heart: Oh, it flew off.

Cheryl: That's a Psyche, a human heart.

Cure Heart: A heart?

Cheryl: Selfish feelings well up in everyone's hearts from time to time.
Everyone tries to keep on going despite these feelings.
However, in a Selfishe, these selfish feelings are inflamed until it turns into a monster.

Cure Heart: I see.

{Damage magically repairs itself}

Cure Heart: Nice to meetcha, I'm Cure Heart. Let's fight together!

Cure Sword: I'll thank you for saving me. But that won't make us friends.

{Cure Heart is surprised}

Cure Sword: I said so earlier, didn't I? That you aren't my friend or anything of the sort.

Cure Heart: Yeah, but since we fought together, that makes us comrades. So we're already friends. {If you have issues with 仲間 being "comrade", "ally" might be an acceptable substitute, though I don't think it has quite the same connotation. --Kanmuri}{I'm fine w/ comrade - Rika}

Cure Sword: I don't recall fighting alongside you.

{Another shocked look from Cure Heart, poor girl's probably never been turned down like this before. xD}

Cure Sword: When the time comes for them to get serious, can you truly protect those you hold dear?

Cure Heart: Wait a sec! I still have things I want to ask-
Um.... Like how do I change back to normal?

Davi: Why couldn't you two be comrades?
With comrades, our search would be-

Cure Sword: Shut up, Davi! I don't need comrades!

{Elevator dings}

Rikka: Mana!

Teacher: Aida! Are you okay?

Rikka: Are you hurt? And what about that crab monster?

Mana: I don't really know.

Male Student: Wasn't this hall leading up to the elevator a complete wreck earlier, though?

Mana: N-now that you mention it, yeah. It's like it was a dream or something.

{Those faces, wwww}

Teacher: Anyway, the most important thing is that you're safe.

Male Student: Let's head back to the bus.

Mana: Sure.

{Scene change, walking home.}

Mana: Man, I'm tired. Of course that's only natural, given everything that's happened today.

Rikka: Verily thou speakest truth, Happy Prince.

Mana: Wazzat?

Rikka: Once upon a time, in a certain city stood a statue of a prince. The statue had eyes of sapphire, rubies for buttons, and was covered in gold leaf.
The prince asked this of a swallow, "Swallow, take pieces of my body and distribute them to the less fortunate in the city."

Mana: A fable?

Rikka: Exactly. You've been just like that prince since forever ago. You wear yourself down worrying about others' happiness.

Mana: Nah, I'm not really getting "worn down".

Rikka: Isn't there something you still haven't told me?

Mana: Huh? How do you know?

Rikka: Because we've been friends for 10 years. Come on, tell me.

Mana: Well, don't freak out when I tell you, but...

Rikka: Yeah?

Mana: I transformed into a Precure!

Rikka: You did?

Mana: Yeah, this fairy from the Trump Kingdom bestowed upon me a strange power.
I used that power to transform and fight these selfish people.

Rikka: And I followed the White Rabbit to learn the secrets of the world.

Mana: I'm telling you the truth!

Kentarou (Mana's dad): Mana! Welcome home.

Ayumi (Mana's mom): Welcome back.

Mana: I'm home!

Mana's Grandpa: Oh, Rikka-chan's back too.

Kentarou: Welcome back.

Rikka: Thanks. {Yeah, this'll be controversial. But it seems stilted to literally translate her ただいま here. -- Kanmuri}
Mana, we'll talk about this more tomorrow.

Mana: Huh? Hey, wait!

Grandpa (宗吉): Are you sure you don't want to have dinner with us?

Rikka: I'm fine, thanks. Goodbye!

Mana's family: Goodbye!

Mana: Wait a sec, Rikka!

{Scene change}

Sign: Western Cuisine Restaurant - Pig's Tail {洋食屋 - ぶたのしっぽ)

Customer: That was a great meal.
See you later, Mana-chan.

Mana: Thanks for coming!
I thought Rikka of all people would believe me.
I say that but I can't believe it myself.
So of course she doesn't believe me.

Kentarou: What've you been mumbling to yourself about?

Mana: I'm just in that stage of life where I have lots of troubles.

Kentarou: I've just the thing to eat for those times.

Mana: It's-

Kentarou: Papa's special rice omelet! { }
Go on, eat up!

Mana: Don't mind if I do!
Ahh! This is so good!
This rice omelet is the best at making my heart skip a beat! {I think we need a キュンキュン counter installed. xD}

Kentarou: Good to see you back to your usual self, Mana.

{Surprised expression and grunt from Mana.}

Kentarou: Everyone get's worried when you're not happy.
Not just your Mother and I, but your Grandfather and Rikka too.

Mana: Yeah, you're right. Papa, I've got a favor to ask.

{Scene change, Rikka writing.}

Mana: Meow!

Rikka: What's up this late at night?

Mana: Papa steamed some peach buns.

Rikka: Wait there, I'll be right down.

Mana: I'll explain myself properly...
If I do that, I'm sure Rikka will understand.

???: Precure is a secret you must not speak of.

Rikka: Thanks for waiting! Huh?


DokiDoki: The Secret of Cure Lovies

Mana: Ow! Owowowow!
Who and what are you?

???: Heheheh...

3 Fairies: Tadah!

Mana: There's more of 'em.

Raquel: I'm Raquel.

Lance: I'm Lance.

Cheryl: They're also fairies from the Trump Kingdom.

Mana: Nice to meetcha. I'm Mana Aida. {I think we need to discuss name order further, apparently. n.n --Kanmuri}
Oh yeah, I'm trying to explain about Precure to Rikka, so can you guys help me out?

Raquel: Actually, we need to discuss with you why we can't do that.

Mana: Why?

Cheryl: You obviously shouldn't speak about Precure to anyone.

Mana: How come?

Cheryl: Selfishe are human hearts that have been rapidly stained black.

Lance: And the only ones who can protect the world from them are the le-legendary...

Raquel: Warriors!

Lance: Right! Warriors, the Precure!

Cheryl: And you're one of them, Mana!

Mana: I got that, but why can't I tell anyone?

Raquel: Selfishe are brought into this world by evil hands.

Cheryl: Those you tell about it will be caught up in the fight. {alternatively "...dragged into the/this war/battle"}

{Flashback, make sure this matches the original scene earlier in this same episode}

Cure Sword: When the time comes for them to get serious, can you truly protect those you hold dear?

{End flashback}

Mana: Got it, I won't tell anyone else.

Cheryl: Thank goodness.

Mana: Rikka's no match for those dangerous people.

{Scene change, the next morning}

Mana: Okay!
I'm heading out!

Mana's Parents: Good bye!

Rikka: Morning.

Mana: Morning.

Grandpa: Are those two fighting?

Ayumi: Dunno...

Rikka: Thanks for dropping those by last night.

Mana: Huh? Oh yeah, how were they?

Rikka: They were really good, but there was enough for two.

{Not translating Mana's grunts in this scene}

Rikka: Mana...

Mana: Wh-what?

Rikka: I still haven't heard what's got you weighed down.
When you're ready to talk, tell me, k?
I'll be be waiting.

{Scene change, at school, welcoming the other students}

Male Student 1: Good morning!

Male Student 2: Morning!

Female Student: Good morning!

Rikka: Good morning!

Male Student 3: G'Mornin'!

Mana: Mornin'

Male Student: The Prez looks kinda down today.
Other Male Student: Eh, she'll snap out of it when she needs to. {This line needs more work.}

Cheryl: What's up?

Mana: I've got to talk to her after all!
I can't keep secrets from Rikka! I'm gonna tell her everything!

Cheryl: B-but!

Mana: Rikka!

Cheryl: Are you really okay with her getting caught up in this fight?

Male Student: Crud! I'm really late!
Gah, and I missed another light!
I won't make it in time at this rate!
If I could change the traffic lights at a whim, I wouldn't be late.
No, no, it's my fault for getting up late.

Ira: The lights shouldn't change on you.

Male Student: Wh-who's there?

Ira: I'm gonna grant your wish.
Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Selfishe: Selfishe!
Don't cross my road!

Man with dog: What the-?

Selfishe: Stop!
The roads belong to me!

Cheryl: It's like a white lie you'd tell to protect another's feelings.
Mana: But...

Selfishe: Stop!

Mana: That's a-

Students: Prez!

Rikka: Mana!

Cheryl: A Selfishe.

Selfishe: Self!

Mana: It's okay, you guys. I'll figure something out.
Rikka, take everyone to a safe place.

Rikka: And what about you?
What're you doing, Mana?

Mana: I'm gonna stop that traffic signal.

Rikka: You Happy Prince!

Mana: Huh?

Rikka: The statue of the prince that stood in the plaza needed the swallow's help to distribute his gold foil to the less fortunate.
Won't you let me be that Swallow?

Mana: Rikka...

Mana: Help me out here.

Rikka: Right!

Selfishe: This road is mine!

Rikka + Mana: Alley oop!

Selfish: Self!

Mana: Run while you can, everyone!

Selfishe: Who tripped me by dumping balls on my road!

Mana: That was me!

Rikka: Mana!

Selfishe: You'll pay for that!

Mana: Let's go, Cheryl.

Cheryl: N-no way. You're not planning on transforming in frond of your friend, are you?

Mana: Yup. {Sounds better than "I'm transforming." and really she's answering Cheryl's question in the affirmative anyway.}

Cheryl: Whaaa-?

Mana: She's already been pulled into the deep end anyway.
Right, Rikka?

Rikka: Mana?

Cheryl: I dunno how this'll affect her!

Mana: Let's go.

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

{Transformation sequence}

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!
Poor, sad, and lovelorn traffic signal...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

{Another flashback, again make sure to maintain consistency with the scene earlier in this episode.}

Mana: I transformed into a Precure!

{End flashback}

Rikka: No matter how good of friends we are, there's no way I could have believed that.
You really are completely impossible!

Selfish: This street is mine!

Rikka: Mana!

Selfish: I'll squash you like a bug.

Cure Heart: I-I can't move!

Rikka: Mana!
Wake up Mana!
Isn't that-?

Display above button: Push to cross

Selfishe: Whaaaat?
You little-!

Display: Please wait

Selfishe: I've gotta hurry!

Rikka: Hurry up!

Cure Heart: Hurry up and turn green!

Rikka + Cure Heart: Hurry up!

Selfishe: Gotcha!
You little furball, you're on my-

Rikka: Now, Cure Heart!

Cure Heart: Right.

Selfishe: Self

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Cure Heart: Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart! {Twice in one episode! Must be to make up for missing it in Ep 1 ;) Make sure it's consistent.}

Ira: She interfered again, huh?

Student victim: Huh? What in the world was I...?

Selfishe: Love! Love Loooooove!

Rikka: Seriously, Mana, why is that that you're constantly taking on these huge burdens?
Like when you announced you were going to run for the Student Council...

Mana: I'm sorry, okay? My bad. So can you carry your own bag now?

Rikka: Have you truly learned your lesson?

Mana: Yup, I have!

Rikka: Very well then.
I was very happy you told me the truth. Thanks.

Mana: Rikka... Rikkaaaa!

Cheryl: And in the end, she still got mixed up in this.
Raquel and Lance are going to be so angry.



Mana: Rikka, let's be Precure together!

Rikka: What are you saying, Mana?
I don't have your crazy reflexes.

Mana: Don't worry, practice makes perfect!
Besides, do you think you'd look great in a Precure outfit?

Rikka: Mana, you're just trying to flatter me, aren't you? {I can't quite make this out, so I'm guessing. I think she's saying おだててもんね or おだてでもんね, or something like that. Plz to TLC.}
And besides, in general I don't really have the confidence to be a Precure, so I'll pass.

Mana: Oh, come on!

DokiDoki! Precure

Introducing the Greatest Ally! {Yes, I went with "ally" instead of the typical "partner" translation for 相棒.}
Cure Diamond!!