DokiDoki Precure Episode 01

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL complete
Once-over and adding tags complete, ready for timing --Kanmuri

Comments (in {} braces) on their own line are meant to help me (and others) keep from getting lost in the untimed script. --Kanmuri



{Lots of fighting noises}

Cure Sword: I couldn't save anything...
Not one thing...


Run Mana, Run!

Guide: Ladies and Gentlemen, please look over there. That is the Tokyo Clover Tower that was just completed last year.
At 999 Meters tall, it boasts the world's tallest broadcast tower.

Female: Wow, it's huge!

Male: It really is amazing when you look at it up close.

Guide: With that said, you are free to roam around until 2 PM. Please be sure you're all back here on time.

Students: Yes, ma'am.


Guide: Are you okay with this, sir? Your students have all left already.

Teacher: It's fine. We've got a super-reliable student council president.

Guide: Student Council President?

Title: The Earth is in grave danger! The last remaining Precure!!

Nikaidou: What!? Hey ya squid, yeah you! {Yeah, タコ is technically octopus, but 'squid' flows better as an insult}

Male Student: Whaddya mean "Hey!" ya squid!

Male student: Prez, Nikaidou-kun's picking a fight with students from another school.

Female student: Prez, It looks like Yashima-san got carsick from riding in the bus.

Female student: Prez, Mimura-kun's lost his wallet.

Female student: She's fast!

Female student: That's nationals level speed.

Mana: Mimura-kun! It was in the lost and found.
Awesome, right?

Mimura: Thanks! You're a lifesaver!

Mana: It was a bit hot in that bus, wasn't it?
The air's nice here, you should rest a bit.

Yashima: Thanks.

Mana: Sure.

Mana: Nikaidou-kun, why are you fighting?

Nikaidou: Th-this guy just suddenly bumped into me.

Male Student: You're the one who-

Mana: STOP!
While you guys are fighting over something so small,
Clover Tower, the biggest in the world, is laughing at you.

Male Student: Who in blazes are you?

Mana: Nice to meetcha!
I'm Oogai First Junior High School's Student Council President, Mana Aida!

Male Student: You're loud!

Mana: Once we shake hands, we're friends!
Let's be good friends!

Male Student: Y-yeah

Other Male Students: Let's be good friends!

Male Student: Friends!

Female student: They were calmly subdued in the blink of an eye.

Female Student: That's our reliable Student Council President.

Female Student: Aida-san, we won't take no for an answer.

Female Students: Please lend your strength to our teams!

Mana: Sure, that's fine.

Rikka: Mana!

Mana: Rikka.

Rikka: You have Student Council work you have to do, you know.

{Scene change}

Rika: You're always sticking your nose into other people's problems, aren't you?
You should have let one of the council members handle the lost wallet.
You should have let the health rep handle the carsick student.
And furthermore, you didn't need to take up the challenge of breaking up that fight, right?
Since you are the student council president, you should more seriously consider...
Huh? Mana?

Male Student: If you're looking for Aida-san, she's watching over a lost child over there.

Mana: I'll teach you a good-luck charm.
Draw a heart in your hand like so and make a wish.
Like this, "I hope I find my mom."

Michiko: Heart?

Mana: Yeah, and if you do that-

Michiko's Mother: Michiko!

Michiko: Mama! Mama!

Michiko's Mother: Michiko!

Michiko: Thanks, miss!

Mana: Sure!

Rikka: Oh, Mana!

Rikka: Why is it that you think you have to take care of so many other people?

Man: That's because when I see other people's happy faces, it makes me happy too.

Rikka: You spread around a bit too much love, Mana.

Mana: Heheh... Ahhhh!!

Rikka: What is it this time?

Mana: Isn't that Makopy?

Rikka: Who's that? Some kind of celebrity?

Mana: You don't know? That's Makoto Kenzaki.

{In-show AD}
Voiceover: Alive with natural flavor.
And the zero caffeine your body loves.

Makoto: Ace Tea, let's drink it together!
{End AD}

Rikka: Yeah, yeah, she's currently the big popular idol, right? I've seen her before.

Mana: Well, it's a first for me. I've never seen a celebrity in person before.
Squee! She's so cute! And her face is so small!

Rikka: Waitasec, Mana!

Producer-san: Hey, we're coming through, let us pass please.
Stop pushing!

Bodyguard: Come on, hurry!

Producer-san: Stop crowding around, it's dangerous!

Mana: Excuse me!
Uh, umm...

Producer-san: You're causing a scene. If you want an autograph...

Mana: You dropped this.

Makoto: Thanks...

Producer-san: What's up, Makoto? This isn't like you.

Makoto: Sorry.
I'm okay now.

{Scene change - Oh hey, fairies.}

Cheryl: I just heard it!

Raquel: The dark heartbeat of a Selfishe.

Lance: So the Selfishe have come to this world as well?

Raquel: Hurry, our stars of hope-

Cheryl: Our final trump cards, we have to find them!

Lance: We've got a big problem!

{And back to Mana now.}

Mana: Ahh, Makopy thanked me!

Mana: This is the first time in my life I've felt this excited.

???: Happy-looking young lady over there.

Mana: Huh?

Vendor: I'm sure I've got the perfect accessory for you. Won't you take a look?

Mana: Oh, right. Hello. {No, Mana, the statue was not talking to you. xD }
Woah, awesome.

Vendor: You have a good eye, miss.
That's an antique known as a Cure Lovies.

Mana: Cure Lovies?
It looks just like the one Makopy was wearing.

Vendor: You seem to be quite taken by it. {See what I did there? xD}
If you'd like I'll go ahead and give it to you.

Mana: No way, I can't accept this.
My Grandpa taught me that I should never take something expensive for free.

Vendor: Its value depends on who's wearing it.

Rikka: Mana!

Mana: Rikka!

Rikka: Geez, where were you headed off to this time?
If we don't hurry, we'll run out of time to go up to the observation deck.

Mana: Yeah, you're right.
See you later, thank you!

Vendor: Take care, my sweet heart.

Mana: Woah! That's a huuuge line!

Rikka: Yeah, it got like this because you up and wandered off.

Mana: Sorry.

Nikaidou: That's an awful line there.

Male student: How long is it gonna take to get up to the observation deck?

Nikaidou: If I cut in line, I can cut the time down to zero.

Mana: Nikaidou-kun! Over here!

Nikaidou: Heh, guess were're lining up.

Mana: That's right, let's wait together. The longer the wait, the better the payoff.

Tower Manager: Terribly sorry to to keep you waiting, Miss Alice.

Alice: Good day to you.

Tower Manager: I'll take you to the observation deck on the top floor right away.
Huh? Miss Alice?
Miss Alice, what are you doing all the way back there?

Alice: Waiting in line.
That's the rule if you want to go to the observation deck, isn't it?

Tower Manager: But you're the owner of this tower, you don't have to line up.

Alice: "The longer the wait, the better the payoff."
I think that's what Mana-chan would say.

Tower Manager: Ma-Mana-chan?

Alice: A dear friend of mine.

{Back inside, waiting in line}

Mana: Just a little bit longer, now.

Michiko: Ah, the girl from before!

Mana: Michiko-chan! Cya later!

Michiko: Good-bye!

Male Victim: How long do I have wait?
Would have been nice if I could have just skipped the line and cut in front.
But, that's not a good thing to do.

Iira: Envy is just fine.

Male Victim: Wh- Who was that?

Iira: Don't hold back.
Release the darkness in your heart.

Rikka: What's wrong?

Mana: Looks like someone collapsed.
Are you okay?

Iira: Oh very nice. I can make a first-rate Selfishe with this one.
Rampage! Unleash the darkness of your heart! {Wasn't sure if I should use 'Rage' or 'Rampage' for あばれろ, but I went with the latter because it sounded better to me.}

Selfishe: Selfishe!

{Eye Catch!}

Someone's a bit crabby about waiting in line

Selfishe: Line up!
Line cutting!

Nikaidou: Whazzat thing?

Rikka: I can't believe my eyes.

Selfishe: Line cutting!
Line cutting!

Iira: Hahaha, Rampage more!

Cheryl: Over there!

Lance: It's a Selfishe!

Raquel: We're too late.

Alice: My, what a large crab.
Sebastian, can I buy him and take him home with me?

Sebastian: I'm afraid not. Come, this way.

Elevator attendant: Sorry for the wait.

Selfishe: Self-self Selfishe-ishe! {And now it's Pokemon-ing with its name... xD}

Selfishe: Hey moveit moveit moveit moveiiittt! {This will need review and/or massaging}

Mana: Is it heading for the observation deck!?

{♪And she's climbing the stairway to heaven♪ -- Yeah, I know that quote's wrong, it's a joke. ;) }

Selfishe: Line cutting!

Mana: Michiko-chan...
Michiko-chan's in danger!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

{Announcer} Ladies and Gentlemen, please don't crowd together and take turns enjoying the scenery.

Selfishe: Crowding schmowding!

Mana: I've gotta save her...

Selfish: Line cutting!
This scenery is mine, all mine!

Michiko's Mother: Michiko!

Michiko: Mama!

Selfish: Line-cut-

Michiko: Miss?

Mana: Are you ok?

Michiko's Mother: Michiko!

Mana: Hurry!
Take Michiko and run!

Michiko's Mother: And what about you?

Mana: I'll be fine! Go on, hurry!

Michiko's Father?: Let's go!
Michiko's Mother: Thank you!

Mana: I'm so tired. I can't move a muscle.
But, this vista is just as nice as I thought it would be.

{Selfishe pulls itself out of the wall}

Mana: Right?

Selfish: This scenery is mine, all mine!

Mana: Gah! What're you doing!?
This scenery doesn't belong to anyone, it's for everyone.
Monopolizing it and saying such selfish things are both unacceptable.

Raquel: She's lecturing the Selfishe.

Lance: Unbelievable.

Cheryl: That girl...

Mana: Also, you may be a crab, but I think humans and crabs can still get along.

Raquel: Cheryl!

Cheryl: Hey you.

Mana: Who's there?

Cheryl: Down here.
I'm a fairy from the Trump Kingdom, Cheryl.

Mana: Oh, nice to meetcha. I'm Mana Aida.

Lance: She accepted that without skipping a beat.

Raquel: That girl's no ordinary girl after all.

Mana: And now we're accquainted.

Cheryl: Please, use my power.
You should be able to fight the Selfishe.

Mana: By "Selfishe" do you mean that crab?

Cheryl: Yea, now transform!

Mana: Got it. Anyway, I'll try!

Mana: Transform!

Cheryl: Huh?

Mana: Trans... form!

Selfishe: What the heck?

Mana: Whyyyyy?

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Cure Sword: Davie!

Davie: Davie!

Cure Sword: Gleam, Holy Sword!

Selfishe: Love Love Loooooove!

Mana: It disappeared.

Cure Sword: It's been cleansed.

{Heart comes back to victim's body}

Male Victim: Where....
I'm sure this is where we were all lined up, but... what happened?

Teacher: Is everyone okay?

Male student: Teacher, the President isn't back yet.

Teacher: What did you just say!?

Rikka: Mana...

Mana: Um... Thanks for saving me.
I'm Mana Aida, and you are?

What was that crab?
Why was it running amok?

Iira: So, you're here, Cure Sword!
How dare you defeat my Selfishe. You'll pay for that!

Mana: Cure... Sword?

Cure Sword: Watch out!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Mana: There's another one!

Marmo: Your work is as crude as ever, Iira.

Iira: Marmo!

Marmo: But thanks to that, you smoked out the last Precure. Well done.

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Iira: Yeah, but you just hid and watched while my Selfishe was defeated, ya selfish jerk!

Marmo: Tell me, where is the Princess?
Come on!

Cure Sword: What I have to tell you people is... precisely nothing.

Marmo: To have such a sense of duty to a fallen kingdom,
you truly are an appalling idiot.
Fine. Do it, Selfishe!

Selfishe: Selfishe!

Mana: Stop it! Let go of her!

Selfishe: What are you doing?

Marmo: Huh?

Cure Sword: Idiot...

Selfishe: Eh, trash...

Marmo: Normal humans just give way.

Mana: What do I do? It's my fault she's like that.

Cheryl: Mana...

Mana: Please, give me courage and strength.
My Cure Lovies is....

Cheryl: Mana, put that shining thing on me and shout this:
"Precure Love Link!"

Mana: Okay!

Cheryl: Cheryl!

Mana: Precure Love Link!

Cheryl: L O V E

{Transformation sequence, yay!}

Marmo: What... what's this light!?

Cure Heart: Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Cure Sword: Cure... Heart?

Cure Heart: You sad and lovelorn crab.
I, Cure Heart, will get your heart beating again!

Vendor: It seems you've awakened at last, haven't you? My Sweet Heart.



Rikka: Mana, you're hiding something from me, aren't you?

Mana: Ulp. Sorry, Rikka. That I transformed into a Precure is a secret.

Rikka: P-Precure? Transformed? Mana, what are you talking about?

Mana: *Thump-Thump* D'oh! I couldn't keep it to myself! Precure is supposed to be a secret, too!

DokiDoki! Precure

{Title} D'oh! Cure Heart is unmasked!!

Can't stop this burning in my bosom!


ごきげんよう: 日本語の挨拶で、出会った時や別れの時に相手の健康状態を伺う意味合いを込めて交わされる。
Gokigenyou, stereotypical お嬢様 greeting/farewell.
The definition from Wikipedia above seems to indicate that it has a connotation of asking about the health of the other person.
However, saying "good health" sounded odd, and saying, "How are you today?" also sounded awkward, so I went with "Good day to you" instead. --Kanmuri