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This page is for reference on style as well as translations and explanations of common terms.

Note: The information on this page is currently subject to change and may be in flux quite a bit, Especially prior to the broadcast of episode 1. -- Kanmuri


Character Names

Note: Most names will follow eastern name order (as given below), with the exception of Joe Okada.

相田 マナ/キュアハート -- Partner: シャルル
Aida Mana / Cure Heart -- Partner: Cheryl
Note: シャルル is literally the katakana version of the French pronunciation of "Charles" but シャルル is a girl fairy, so I went with a female variant that is as close to the katakana as I can get it. "Cheryl is also an English form of the French, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian name Charlotte." Which is, of course, the female version of Charles. (Source: )

菱川 六花/キュアダイヤモンド -- Partner: ラケル
Hishikawa Rikka / Cure Diamond -- Partner: Raquel
Note: Some places have romanized ラケル as "Rachel", however, Raquel is another form of the same name that more closely matches the katakana in its normal pronunciation. Also, previously we had Rikka's family name as Hishigawa instead of Hishikawa, and has been used as such in several episodes. However, after double checking several sources, it seems that Hishikawa is the correct spelling. (In my defense, the voiced syllable seemed more natural there than the unvoiced one. ^^; --Kanmuri)

四葉 ありす/キュアロゼッタ -- Partner: ランス
Yotsuba Alice / Cure Rosetta -- Partner: Lance
Note: While ありす (as アリス) is "Alice", it is also a very legitimate Japanese name on its own, with a long history of use before the influx of western culture. There's many ways to write ありす in kanji. However, in an ad broadcast during Episode 1, we got a shot of Rosetta's trading card, which has her romanized name as "Alice".

剣崎 真琴/キュアソード -- Partner: ダヴィ
Kenzaki Makoto / Cure Sword -- Partner: Davi
Fan nickname: Makopi
Note: Davi is the official romanization from the trading cards.

円 亜久里/キュアエース -- Partner: アイちゃん
Madoka Aguri / Cure Ace -- Partner: Ai-chan
Yes, her *family* name is Madoka, and her given name is Aguri. Seems a bit odd, but that's the way it is.


ラビリーコミューン -- Lovely Commune
キュアラビーズ -- Cure Lovies (singular: Lovie), this season's decors.
Note: Kanmuri's educated guess was that ラビーズ was a portmanteau of love (ラブ) and rubies (ルビーズ), making Lovies. Also the source code for this demo site for the Lovely Commune romanizes it as Lovies as well. However, a later toy flyer revealed that it was actually "Loveads" as in "Love" (ラブ) + "beads" (ビーズ). However, that sounded even dumber than Lovies, so we stuck with Lovies.
ラブハートアロー -- Love Heart Arrow

Care Lovies

These are lovies that help them take care of Ai-chan. Each fairy has a phrase they say when a "Care Lovie" is used.
These are the ones we've heard so far:

  • Cheryl: (シャルルンル~ン!)
    • Cheryl-meryl!
  • Raquel: (ヨー! チェケラケ!)
    • Yo! Raquel-roll!
  • Davi: (ダビデ ダビデ ダビィ!)
    • Davi! Davier! Daviest!
  • Lance: (ランスッス~)
    • Lance-chance!

Cure Heart

Abundant love, Cure Heart!

Poor, sad, and lovelorn <short description of Selfishe>...
I, Cure Heart, will make your heart beat with love again!

あなたに届け! マイスイートハート!
Let my feelings reach you! My Sweet Heart!

プリキュア! ハートシュート!
Precure Heart Shoot!

Cure Diamond

The light of wisdom, Cure Diamond!

Yes, I picked wisdom instead of intelligence for 英知. Rikka's behavior, especially in episode 3 with regards to how she dealt with Joe has confirmed to me that it should remain wisdom. --Kanmuri

I will not allow you to trample anyone's feelings underfoot!
I, Cure Diamond, will cool your head for you!

Sparkle for me, Twinkle Diamond!
(We've decided to keep it "Diamond" instead of "Diamonds", even though it's a shower of diamond-shaped beam spam. And thanks for the suggestion of adding "for me", Magenta -- Kanmuri)

プリキュア! ダイヤモンドシャワー!
Precure Diamond Shower!

Diamond Swirkle!
(Apparently it's a kanaization of the english portmanteau "swirkle", which combines "swirl" and "circle". Source: --Kanmuri)

Cure Rosetta

Shining in the sun's warm embrace, Cure Rosetta!

さぁ あなたも わたしと
Love alone governs our world.
Now, come and let me nurture the love in your heart!

Firm and strong Rosetta wall!

プリキュア! ロゼッタリフレクション!
Precure Rosetta Reflection!

Rosetta Balloon!
1, 2, and 3!

Cure Sword

The courageous blade, Cure Sword!

このキュアソードが 愛の剣で
I, Cure Sword, shall sever your vile ambitions with my saber of love!

Gleam, Holy Sword!
Went with Gleam instead of Flash because it sounds cooler, w. -- Kanmuri

プリキュア! スパークルソード!
Precure Sparkle Sword!

Cure Ace

プリキュア ドレスアップ!
Precure Dress Up!

Love's trump card, Cure Ace!

ウインク1つで あなたのハートを
いぬいて さし上げますわ
Beauty is the testament of justice.
I'll shoot straight through your heart with a single wink!

彩れ! ラブキッスルージュ!


Make up! Love Kiss Rouge!

I'll make your heart race!
Ace Shot!

Group Roll Call

ひびけ 愛の鼓動!
Resonate, our heartbeat of love!

Group Attack

First group attack
プリキュア! ラブリーフォースアロー!
Precure Lovely Force Arrow!

Second group attack (first seen in episode 31)
Send our power to Cure Heart!

プリキュア! ラブリーストレートフラッシュ!
Precure Lovely Straight Flush!


キングジコチュー => King Selfishe -- The leader of the Selfishe, petrified by Princess Ann during the attack on the Trump Kingdom.

Selfishe Trio

"<&Magenta> the villains are named after the seven deadly sins and their corresponding princes of hell"
イーラ => Ira (Ira is Latin for Wrath)
マーモ => Mammo (from Mammon, greed)
ベール => Bel (from Belphegor, Sloth)
Thanks for the finding the theme and most likely derivations, Mag. --Kanmuri

Other Generals

These two showed up in episode 23
リーヴァ => Leva (from Leviathan, envy)
グーラ => Gula (Gula or gullia, gluttony)


ジコチュー => Selfishe



Ira: I'm gonna grant your wish.
Mammo: I'm gonna go ahead and grant... your... wish.

Leva: I'll go ahead and grant your wish.

Leva + Gula combo
Leva: We're gonna grant your wish...
Gula: twice over!

All: Rampage, and unleash the darkness within your heart!

Beast Mode

Dedicate unto me the darkness of your heart!


ラブ ラブ ラ~ブ…
Love! Love Loooooove!

Misc terminology

ジャネジー => lit: Janergy, we call it "Malergy". The reasoning for this is that the "Ja" in "Janergy" comes from the fact that it's dark/evil energy, and it's the 邪 (じゃ) from 邪悪 (じゃあく - wicked, evil). So we went with "Mal", which has a similar connotation in English. (Malice, malignant, malcontent, etc.)

プシュケー => Psyche -- a human heart, basically the hearts that they extract from the people and turn into Selfishe.

Side Characters

ジョー岡田 -- Joe Okada
Mysterious shopkeeper that gave the girls their Cure Lovies.
Runs an antiques store named "Solitaire"
Real name: Jonathan Klondike. For why his last name is spelled "Klondike", see --> <-- Hence the name of his store.
He's actually betrothed to Marie Ange.

アイちゃん -- Ai-chan
Mysterious baby that hatched from a giant egg in Joe's shop.
Babbles using mostly set phrases like "Ai", "Kewpie" and some slight variations on those.
She says "Kewpietwump!" (きゅぴらっぱ~!) when activating her special powers.

マリー・アンジュ -- Marie Ange ("Ann" for short)
Princess of the Trump Kingdom.

城戸先生 -- Kido-sensei (Reading not given)
The homeroom teacher for the class Mana, Rikka, and Makoto are in.
Kanji came from the captions, ep. 26. Reading from JP Wikipedia.

相田 健太郎 -- Aida Kentarou
Mana's father, runs the restaurant Pig's Tail with his wife and father.
Got his name, including furigana, from the captions.

相田 あゆみ -- Aida Ayumi
Mana's mother
(Same source as Mana's dad.)

坂東 宗吉 -- Bandou Soukichi
Mana's grandfather. Got the kanji from Toei's site, but still no reading given there.
Got the reading from JP Wikipedia.

菱川 亮子 -- Hishikawa Ryouko
Rikka's mother.
(Got the kanji from ep 10's captions, however no reading was given. Got the reading from Pixiv.)

菱川 悠蔵 -- Hishikawa Yuuzou
Rikka's father.
(From ep 14 captions)

円 茉莉 -- Madoka Mari
Aguri's grandmother
(From ep 31 captions)

四葉 星児 -- Yotsuba Seiji
Alice's father.


大貝第一中学校 -- Ohgai First Middle School
Note: After much debate back and forth during work on episode 1, we decided to go with this. Yes, it's おおがい, but some people just can't help read Oogai as "eww gai". ;) Also decided to go with the standard "Middle School" instead of "Junior High".

洋食屋 -- Western Cuisine Restaurant
ぶたのしっぽ -- Pig's Tail
The restaurant Mana's family owns and runs. The name is split into two lines because of how it's displayed on the restaurant's sign.


"Precure" is both singular and plural. "Precures" is incorrect usage. Precure is (almost) always capitalised. When in doubt, capitalise it.

Fairy gobi

Gobi in this case are the sentence enders. The "vocal tics" if you will. In most cases subbing them is silly, so they will be usually dropped. However, there may be cases where they will need to be used on a one-shot basis. (For example: Something like the "Precure become fairies" episode of Smile, where they drew attention to and specifically talked about them.)


Normal and usual honorifics will be used (i.e. -san, -kun, -chan, -sama, etc).
Okaa-san will be changed to Mom/Mother/etc as will Otou-san for Dad/Father/etc.
Strange and archaic honorifics and other keigo forms will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Onee-san and Onii-san and (name)-oneesan/oniisan will be (to be determined)
お嬢様 (Ojou-sama): Alice-ojousama --> Milady Alice; Ojousama (by itself as a title) --> Milady
The latter is what was used in episode 1.
(These two examples aren't set in stone, of course, but are a good general guideline.)

Preview catchphrase

Be still my beating heart!

MKVMerge Settings


Recurring Typesets

  • Ace Tea logo uses Brush Script MT (reference version at ep 16 0:13:12)