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Here are the various story previews for DokiDoki! Precure

Toei DokiDoki! Precure website





Aida Mana is a 2nd year (8th grade) student at Oogai First Junior High School[1]. She's also the level-headed Student Body President that even the faculty rely on.
Even while on a social studies field trip to Clover Tower, she's busy with arbitrating fights, tracking down lost items, and taking care of friends who got carsick on the bus!

When everyone was finally lined up to head up to the observation deck, a huge monster screaming "Jikochuu!" appeared and the entire area devolved into chaos.[2] Without thinking it through first, Mana leapt out in front of the violent monster that was hogging the scenery. Along with Cheryl[3], a fairy from the Trump Kingdom, she transformed using the mysterious "Cure Lovies"[4] accessory into Cure Heart!

Along with Rikka, the friend who's always saving Mana from trouble, and their well-to-do childhood friend Alice[5], they'll purify those who have forgotten about love, the "Jikochuu".

The 10th "Precure" is a heart-pounding story of waxing love, courage and secrecy.
Reaching out through all of Japan! Be still, my beating heart![6]


[1] Yes, I'm using Junior High instead of Middle School because the grades and ages match Junior High in the US (7-9). Middle school is 6-8.
[2] I was torn between "dissolved into chaos" and "devolved into chaos", but decided on the latter.
[3] シャルル is literally the katakana version of the French pronunciation of "Charles" but シャルル is a girl fairy, so I went with a female variant that is as close to the katakana as I can get it. "Cheryl is also an English form of the French, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian name Charlotte." Which is, of course, the female version of Charles. (Source: )
[4] ラビーズ is a portmanteau of love (ラブ) and rubies (ルビーズ), making Lovies.
[5] While ありす (as アリス) is "Alice", it is also a very legitimate Japanese name on its own. However, it was confirmed as Alice in a card commercial during the first ep's broadcast.
[6] Yeah.... this was the best I could come up with for キュンキュン... sigh... oh well xD

TV Asahi DokiDoki! Precure Website


It is a place called "Earth", but a different world from ours.
On that world, in a beautiful land known as the "Trump Kingdom", mysterious monsters known as Jikochuu have appeared!
The protector of that land and its queen, Cure Sword, endlessly fought against the monsters. Alas, she did not have enough power to save the Trump Kingdom.
The Jikochuu are planning to cross space-time next. Their target: our world, another Earth![1]
The power of the "Legendary Soldiers Precure" are needed to keep Earth from ending up like the Trump Kingdom.
The queen has sent the fairies to earth in order to find the Precure.
They set out immediately to find the Precure, but the Jikochuu have also crossed over and it seems they may shortly manifest themselves!
"I can feel it... like nothing I've felt before; it's a dark, heavy, self-destructive power..."
"However, there's another one... I can feel the power of a waxing warm light!"
And just like that, the fairies on Earth met her, a doubly-busy and all-around energetic junior high school girl, Aida Mana.


[1] Yes, I'm taking some liberties so it doesn't sound horrible. Splitting up run-ons, etc.