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Translations of Character Bios from various sources can be found here

Toei DokiDoki! Precure website


Cure Heart / Mana Aida

キュアハート/相田 マナ


An eternally energetic girl. She's the Student Body President at school, and not only do the students rely on her, but the adults do as well. She'd rather move into action than think about it. She solves every problem by tackling it head-on.

Cure Diamond / Rikka Hishikawa

キュアダイヤモンド/菱川 六花


A girl brimming with both integrity and intelligence. Childhood friends with Mana, since they live in the same neighborhood. From the time they were kids, she's been constantly burdened with watching out for Mana and covering for her. She loves to study, to the point of taking a spot in the top 10 for the nationwide mock exam.

Cure Rosetta / Alice Yotsuba

キュアロゼッタ/四葉 ありす


A well-to-do girl from the Yotsuba zaibatsu. A calm and gentle girl. She went to the same elementary school as Mana and Rikka. Nowdays she goes to the private school for noble families, Nanatsubashi Academy. Due to her upbringing, she occasionally disturbs people when she says things no commoner would utter.

Cure Sword / Makoto Kenzaki

キュアソード/剣崎 真琴

トランプ王国からマリー・アンジュ王女とともに地球へと逃げてきたプリキュアで、今は王 女とはぐれて独りになっている。ジコチューの侵略からトランプ王国を守れなかったことを悔やみ、1日 も早く王女を見つけ、トランプ王国を救う使命感を背負っている。

She's a Precure that came to Earth with the princess of the Trump Kingdom, Marie Ange. However, she was separated from the princess, and is now alone. She regrets not having been able to save the Trump Kingdom from the Jikochuu's attack, and is also weighed down with the responsibility both to find the princess as soon as possible and to save the Trump Kingdom.



シャルル キュアハートのパートナー。熱い心をもった頑張り屋さん。

Cheryl: Cure Heart's partner. She's got a passionate heart that keeps on keepin' on.


ラケル キュアダイヤモンドのパートナー。しっかり者。

Raquel: Cure Diamond's partner. Level-headed.


ランス キュアロゼッタのパートナー。妖精達の中では最年少で、甘えん坊。

Lance: Cure Rosetta's partner. Youngest of the fairies, thus a spoiled brat.


ダヴィ キュアソードのパートナー。仲間を頼ろうとしないソードのことを心配している。

Davi: Cure Sword's partner. Worried about sword not depending on her comrades.

TV Asahi DokiDoki! Precure Website


Cure Heart / Mana Aida


Student council president at Oogai First Junior High School. An eternally cheerful and energetic 2nd year (8th grade) student. She has a good eye for trouble, and she's always doing stuff like helping bickering people reconcile, helping out with club activities, and solving all manner of troublesome issues as they come up. She's a popular girl that has everyone's back.

Cure Diamond / Rikka Hishigawa


Mana's childhood friend, and is always watching out for the ever-busy Mana. She herself would love to just lead a quiet school life, but Mana's always dragging her into things. She loves studying and is very observant.

Cure Rosetta / Alice Yotsuba


A well-to-do girl from the Yotsuba zaibatsu. A calm and gentle girl, like a flowering plant bathing in the ample spring sunlight. However, due to the training she has received since she was little, has she perhaps become, in truth, an amazing girl who can do anything?!

Cure Sword / Makoto Kenzaki


An unidentified, mysterious Precure. Who on Earth is she?




[Cheryl] Cure Heart's partner. Verbal tic is "~sharu!"



[Raquel] Cure Diamond's partner. Verbal tick is "~quel~!"



[Lance] Cure Rosetta's partner. Verbal tick is "~de lance!"



[Davi] Cure Sword's partner. Verbal tick is "~davi!"