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Credit - spinflowers

Nozomi: One day, a mysterious letter was delivered to me. A mailboy named Syrup delivered it. It was sent by Flora-san.
Flora: I'll be waiting for you all in the Cure Rose Garden.
Nozomi: When we decided we wanted to go meet Flora-san, this weird guy attacked us all of a sudden, then Coco and Nuts appeared, and while we totally didn't understand why, we transformed transformed into a new Pretty Cure!
Nozomi: It changed?
Urara: It's great!
Rin: Now is not the time to admire yourself.
Syrup: Pretty Cure...
Coco: They're Pretty Cure again...
Scorp: You transformed?!
All: Yes! Pretty Cure 5!
Coco: Everyone...
Scorp: Pretty Cure? I don't know who that is. But if you get in the way, you'll have to go through me!

Scorp: Well, whatever. I've had enough for today.
Syrup: Those girls are Pretty Cure-ropu...!
Nozomi: Coco! Nuts!
Komachi: What happened?
Urara: Why are you dressed like that?
Nuts: We were in the middle of a coronation ceremony.
Karen: How did you get here?
Nuts: What brings up the question?
Rin: I have a feeling something bad's started again.
Urara: Even if you say that, aren't you happy, Rouge?
Rin: It is nice to see Coco and Nuts again.
Nozomi: Coco! I wrote a letter for you, Coco. I was worried about how to deliver it, but now I can give it to you right here. Here you go!
Coco: Ah...yeah. Thanks.

Syrup: Can someone explain what's going on-ropu?!
Coco: Syrup?
Karen: Is he a friend of yours?
Coco: Yeah...well, sort of.
Nozomi and Coco - A Troubling Reunion
Nozomi: And that's why we decided to meet Flora-san at the Cure Rose Garden.
Nuts: This is the Rose Pact...why was it sent to you, Nozomi?
Nozomi: I don't know.
Karen: Still, what is the Cure Rose Garden?
Nuts: An illusionary flower garden that spanned the kingdom long ago. It's said to exist somewhere within the world, but what sort of place that may be has never been recorded.
Nozomi: In that case, how are we supposed to get there?
Nuts: The Rose Pact will open up the path to the Cure Rose Garden. Only it can make the door appear.

Syrup: What do we do to open it-ropu?
Nozomi: Syrup, you were the one that brought it here.
Syrup: Hurry up and tell me-ropu!
Nuts: To open the path, we need the power of the four monarchs.
All: The four monarchs?
Nuts: The Palmier Kingdom is surrounded by four kingdoms. We must use the Rose Pact to combine the powers of the four monarchs.
Coco: But all four monarchs have suddenly gone missing.
Nozomi: Why?
Coco: They were Eternal!
Anacondy: Here we display treasures from all places and all eras.
Someday every valuable item in the world will be collected and eternally preserved here. That is our constant goal.
Bunbee: I see! That's just super!
Anacondy: Oh, Scorp-san. Welcome back.
Scorp: Anacondy-san, I have found the Rose Pact.
Anacondy: Is this true?
Scorp: I consulted a reference guide, there's no mistaking it.
Anacondy: That's very good, Scorp-san. With the Rose Pact in our collection, we'll have all we need to accomplish our goal. The Curator will be overjoyed as well.
Scorp: However, the people possessing the Rose Pact refuse to hand it over.
Anacondy: What sort of people?
Scorp: A group of five called Pretty Cure.

Bunbee: Did you just say Pretty Cure?!
Scorp: And you are?
Bunbee: Who am, who am I? I am Bunbee! I'm preparing for employment here!
Anacondy: You know of Pretty Cure?
Bunbee: Yes, the legendary Pretty Cure warriors! I encountered them before in my previous organization and they caused me much pain. BUT I WILL NOT BE UNPREPARED THIS TIME!
Anacondy: Scorp-san, the Rose Pact...
Scorp: Yes, I'll take care of it.
Bunbee: You're not listening to me...
Karen: Eternal, eh...? The monarchs' attackers and Nozomi's attacker are both the same group of people.
Nozomi: Hey, Coco and Nuts, what should we do from here?
Nuts: The four monarchs have been separated. They're supposed to have taken on the appearance of creatures called "Palmins" and hidden in this world.
Nozomi: So you came here again?
Coco: Well, something like that...
Nuts: That was the exact decision we made.
Karen: In that case, you'll need a place to live.
Urara: We should revive Nuts' House!

Komachi: Will the Palmier Kingdom be all right? Won't things go badly if the kings are gone?
Nuts: The monarchs were attacked in Palmier Kingdom. It's our duty to go save them.
Karen: Plus, even if they're kings they still have responsibilities.
Nuts: But before we do that, we still have to contact the Palmier Kingdom. We always end up having to leave when the five butterflies appear.
Rin: That's right...they turned into these.
Nuts: Syrup, could you deliver a letter to the kingdom?
Rin: You can take it to a place like the Palmier Kingdom?
Syrup: I can, but I don't want to-ropu.
Nuts: Wait, Syrup! That little...
Karen: It looks just like the Nuts' House from before. It's nice that we can use this warehouse right away, even if it is a bit small.
Komachi: A-Are you kidding...?
Rin: So Nuts, you'll be running the shop again?
Nuts: Sure. Since I'm going to live in this world, I do need something to do for a living.
Urara: We'll help. You'll need to tidy up the place first.
Nuts: Right.
Nozomi: Then everyone will help clean up! It's decided!
Coco: Wait! It's fine. Nuts and I can manage the cleaning.
Nozomi: But...
Coco: We've already been through a lot today, everyone must be tired. Let's all go home and have a good rest.

Syrup: Well, you shouldn't make a big deal of it-ropu.
Nozomi: Goodness, Syrup! Don't scare me like that!
Syrup: Your important letter...I can't believe he just accepted it like that-ropu!
Well, princes tend to be like that-ropu. Cold-hearted people-ropu!
Nozomi: That's not true at all!
Syrup: What's up with her-ropu? I was just worried about her.
You think so-ropu?

Nuts: Coco. Don't force yourself. There's still a lot more ahead.
Coco: Right.
Nuts: Pretty Cure is different from before.
Coco: ...Yeah.
Nuts: The butterflies of the Palmier Kingdom were given by the power of the red rose from the Rose Pact. The Cure Rose Garden grows red roses and blue roses. When the two roses meet, a new power is able to emerge.
Coco: That sounds...
Nuts: That's what's said in the legend of the Cure Rose Garden, at least. The red rose is the Rose Pact. So what could the blue rose be? And why was the Rose Pact given to us in the first place? I just don't get it.

Coco: I know that Nozomi and her friends have been dragged into it again.
Nuts: They're the only ones who can be Pretty Cure.
Coco: But if we hadn't come...
Nuts: You were always looking forward to being able to see them more, weren't you? This is your chance. For now, the situation isn't likely to change.
Coco: Unable to surpass a thick fog or see what was around him, he wandered this way and that, and was completely lost, not knowing what to do. And...
Rin: It's nice, isn't it? To have Mr. Cocoda's lessons again.
Nozomi: Uh, yeah.

Komachi: Mr. Cocoda is in the literature corner. He's searching for a few materials.
Nozomi: Thank you.
Komachi: It's nice to see Coco-san again.
Nozomi: Yeah.

Nozomi: Welcome back, Mr. Cocoda.
Coco: Nozomi...
Nozomi: I didn't really write anything important. It'd be nice if I could write better.
Coco: I was happy. Thanks.
Nozomi: Were you really happy? I wanted to see you, Coco. But you don't seem like yourself...
Coco: I-It's not like...
Nozomi: Sorry, I'm probably worrying too much. Do your best with your job.
Coco: Wait! That's not true.
Nozomi: Coco...

Syrup: I'm here. Nozomi, do you have the Rose Pact?
Nozomi: Yeah. Right here.
Syrup: Nozomi, do we have to search for the Cure Rose Garden with him?
Coco: Syrup, that's dangerous!
Syrup: You should be careful of people who don't understand others' feelings. Whatever feelings you put into that letter, he doesn't understand them. You're disgusting.
Nozomi: Wait, Syrup! You can't say that!
Coco: Maybe you're right...

Coco: What showed up?!
Syrup: What came in here?!
Scorp: There are a lot of old books. With careful investigation, one might find something useful. Well, whatever. I can take my time investigating afterward. Because I'm taking the Rose Pact!
Syrup: Eternal!
Scorp: Won't you give the Rose Pact to me? You don't want to know what will become of you if you resist.
Coco: Stop while you still can!
Nozomi: Coco!
Coco: You only want to use force to steal from others! And you don't hesitate to cause harm to do so...are you just going to keep doing that?!
Scorp: Shut your mouth!
Nozomi: Coco! Coco, Syrup! Are you okay?
Syrup: I am not okay-ropu!
Coco: Nozomi, I'm sorry-coco.
Nozomi: Coco, take this.
Syrup: Hey, why are you giving it to him-ropu?!
Nozomi: Syrup, let Coco ride on you and get out of here!

Nozomi: I will not hand the Rose Pact over to you! Pretty Cure...Metamorphose! The great power of hope, Cure Dream!
Scorp: I retreated before to go back and report. But today is different!
Hoshina: Hoshina!
Scorp: Return fire!

Komachi: Karen.
Karen: Sorry it took so long. Where are Nozomi and Coco?
Komachi: They're inside, but...
Rin: It's weird for Nozomi to be late.
Urara: Yes, and for Coco, too.
Rin: That must be...

Coco: Dream! Dream!
Nozomi: I'm fine. Go hide somewhere safe.
Coco: I'm sorry-coco! It's all my fault-coco! It's all because I came here that you and your friends became Pretty Cure again-coco!
Nozomi: Coco...
Coco: At first I was caring for the kingdom so I could invite you afterward and you would have a good time-coco. But I just ended up tormenting you-coco!
Nozomi: Coco, you always care so much about us. It's great that you're still as kind as before. Thank you.
Nozomi: made Coco sad! I definitely will not forgive you! Coco always wants to help fulfill people's wishes!
Coco: Dream!
Scorp: How foolish.

Rin: It's not foolish!
Nozomi: Everyone!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Pretty Cure...Metamorphose!
Rin: The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!
Urara: The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Komachi: The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Karen: The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!
Rin: To us, Coco is...
Urara: A very important friend!
Komachi: We're able to see Coco-san and Nuts-san again...
Karen: And it makes us happy!

Coco: Everyone!
Nozomi: Coco, we'll all do our best again! I have a request for you, Coco. I want to meet Flora-san, so to go to the Cure Rose Garden, I want you to lend your power!
Coco: Dream!
Scorp: What are you blabbering on about? Hurry up and give me the Rose Pact!
Syrup: Watch out-ropu!
Nozomi: Let's go, everyone!
Rin, Urara, Komachi, & Karen: Yes!

Rin: We decided it ourselves!
Urara: It's not anyone else's fault!
Komachi: Even when you're in pain...
Karen: Believe in yourself - believe in everyone!
Nozomi: Because we're all going to the Cure Rose Garden together!
Coco: I can't do anything-coco...but even when Dream and her teammates are in pain, together they combine their power and succeed-coco!
Nozomi: Let's go, together! Pretty Cure Shooting Star!
Scorp: You little...
Nozomi: Wow!
Coco: Nozomi!
Nozomi: Thanks.
Coco: I was really happy to know what you were feeling-coco! Thank you-coco!
Nozomi: Coco...
Coco: I don't know what to do for you all...
Nuts: There is something we can do-natsu. To help you go to the Cure Rose Garden, there's something only we can do-natsu!
Coco: What's that-coco?
Nuts: I can sense a presence-natsu. Coco, can you feel it, too-natsu?
Coco: A presence?

Coco: I found it-coco! That's a Palmin-coco!
Nozomi: A Palmin?
Nuts: It's likely the monarchs took on this form-natsu. Palmins aren't that easy to find-natsu. But Coco and I...
Coco: ...Can sense the presence of Palmins-coco!
Nuts: We can use the power of Nozomi and her friends to tame it-natsu!
Coco: Nozomi, hurry and snapshot the Palmin-coco!
Nozomi: Okay!

Nozomi: ...What's this? Is this a monarch?
Karen: Looks like a futon.
Coco: There are different species of Palmin-coco. Unfortunately this one isn't a monarch-coco.
Komachi: So this is a failure?
Rin: Guess we were off.
Nuts: That may come in handy, so you didn't fail-natsu.
Urara: That really is a shame...
Nozomi: It's okay! We'll find them somehow! Right?
Coco: If we all combine our power, we can solve any problem-coco!
Nozomi: Let's all search for the monarchs!
Coco: And go to the Cure Rose Garden together-coco!
Nozomi & Coco: It's decided!
Syrup: Together-ropu?

Screenplay: Yoshimi Narita
Art: Makoto Suwada
Animation Director: Shuichi Ijima
Director: Shinji Ishihara & Rie Matsumoto
Nozomi: Komachi-san, what's up with that letter?
Komachi: It's addressed to us, but I'm not sure who brought it...
Nozomi: Syrup?
Komachi: No. It was small, and it took the letter out of its mouth and said "Meh!"
Nozomi: I know! It was a goat!
Komachi: Um...I understand why it would be a goat, but the letter came from its mouth...
Nozomi: That's what I'm saying.
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Syrup the Mailboy's Friend. Watch it, watch it, watch it, 'kay?