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Here's the various story previews

Toy Flyer

Transcribed this from the flyer image.

昔々あるところに、お伽話の国「メルヘンランド」がありました。 そこはお伽話の世界が入り交ざったような楽しく可愛いらしい世界だったのです。 そうして今、メルヘンランドに未曽有の危機が訪れます。悪の皇帝・ピエーロがメルヘンランドに攻め込み、メルヘンランドの女王様は封印されてしまいます。 女王様の復活させるには幸せの象徴であるキュアデコルの力を集める必要があります。 妖精キャンディはキュアデコルを集めるため地球にプリキュア探しにやってくるのでした。


And here's the translation (edited by Rika-chama):

Once upon a time, there was a country known as Märchenland. It was a fun and cute place where all the fairy tales mingled together. Suddenly, the evil emperor Pierrot invaded Märchenland, sealing away its Queen. In order for the Queen to be revived, all the tokens of Happiness, the Cure Decor, must be gathered. To gather these Cure Decor, a fairy named Candy came to Earth to search for the Precure.

Having arrived in the human world, Candy meets Hoshizora Miyuki and the two of them decide to gather all the Cure Decor together.

Toei Smile Precure website

転校初日から遅刻しそう~!と急いでいたら、絵本から飛び出した《キャンディ》と運命の出会いをしちゃった! キャンディは、おとぎの国「メルヘンランド」からやってきたの。
世界をバッドエンドにしようと企む悪者から世界を守るため、伝説の戦士・プリキュアを探してるんだって。 でも……メルヘンランドって何?
わたしがスマイルパクトを手に取ると、なんとプリキュアに変身しちゃった!? プリキュア5人の力を合わせて、みんなのスマイルを守ってみせる!!
キラキラ輝く明るい笑顔に向かって、Go! Go! Let's Go!!

I'm Hoshizora Miyuki
Starting today, I'm going to be attending school as a 2nd year student at Nanairogaoka Middle School.
As I was telling myself I needed to hurry or I was going to be late to my first day at my new school, I had a fateful encounter with Candy, a fairy that jumped out of a picture book! Candy had come from the land of fairy tales, Märchenland.
She said she was searching for the legendary warriors, Precure, so they could save the world from the bad guys who wanted the world to have a bad ending. But.... what's a "Märchenland?"
Where are these treasures that can save the world, the Cure Decor??
Then the bad guys came and attacked!
Saying that, "We'll give the world a bad ending," that's unforgivable!
I took a Smile Packet in my hand and somehow transformed into a Precure!? Let's gather all 5 Precure and protect everyone's smiles!
With a bright, shiny, and sparkling smile, Go! Go! Let's Go!!

TV Asahi Smile Precure website

【ストーリー】宇宙のどこか・・・お伽話の登場人物が暮らす「メルヘンランド」がありました。その中にある、お伽話の悪役ばかりが集まった「バッドエンド王国」の悪役達が、 人々に「最悪の結末」を見せ、そこから生まれるバッドエナジーを集めるため地球にやってきた!このままでは、地球だけでなく、全ての世界が「最悪の結末」になってしまう・・・。それを防ぐには、『5人の伝説の戦士プリキュア』を探し、「バッドエンド王国」に奪われた『メルヘンランドの女王の幸せの力「キュアデコル」』を取り戻さなくてはならない。一刻も早くプリキュアを探すため、「5つの光」を追いかけて地球に向かった妖精「キャンディ」が最初に出会ったのは、転校初日なのに遅刻ギリギリで大慌ての中学生「みゆき」だった・・・。

Story: Somewhere out in space.... There's a place where the characters from fairy tales live together called "Märchenland." In that land, the villains of the fairy tales have gathered together in the "Kingdom of Bad Endings." These villains have come to earth to show people the "worst possible outcomes," and harvest the negative energy generated by that! At this rate, not just Earth, but all worlds will suffer their "worst possible outcomes." To guard against this, the "5 Legendary Warriors Precure" must be found and the Queen of Märchenland's power of Happiness, the Cure Decor, which was stolen by the Kingdom of Bad Endings, must be recovered. In order to find the Precure as quickly as possible, the fairy Candy, chasing the "5 Lights" to the Earth. There she first met the extremely excited Miyuki, who even though it was her first day at a new school, was running late.

(Note: Some sentences split up in the translation that weren't in the original, since Japanese doesn't seem to have the concept of a run-on sentence. orz )