Future Friends Story Preview

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This is from the story preview on Toei's website.

Original Text

横浜みなとみらいの街はプリキュアたちが、謎の怪物・フュージョンを倒したというニュースで、もちきり!プリキュアに憧れる女の子たちは、ポーズをマネして大ハシャギ。 でも転校してきたばかりのあゆみは、ひとりぼっち。





In the future city of Yokohama Harbor, the defeat of the mysterious monster Fusion by the Precure is the talk of the town! Girls who look up to Precure are copying their poses and making a big fuss over it. However, one girl who's constantly changing schools, Ayumi, is lonely.

Ayumi meets a mysterious animal on the way home from school. She names it "Fu-chan" and the two of them become the best of friends. But Fu-chan actually possess a fragment of the dark power of Fusion, and for the sake of the friendless Ayumi, slowly starts devouring those things she hates, making a mess of both the school and the town!

To convey Ayumi's true feelings, "But I didn't mean for this to happen...," the 28 Precure have once again assembled! When their powers are combined, the Miracle Light will shine!

This Spring Break, with the encouragement of you all, A miracle will occur at the theater!