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Fresh Pretty Cure Episode 20

Miyuki - Hey! Miki-chan! Take your hand up a little more.
Miki - Yes!
Miyuki - Inori-chan! Your movement still slow.
Inori - Yes!
Miyuki - Love-Chan! What happen to your leg! More balance!!
Love - Yes!!
Miyuki - Receive the breathing of each other.
Like that! Finish.
Hey! Don’t make your self like no energy.
Love + Miki+ Inori - Yes!
Miyuki - Your rivals come from every where around country. If you still act like this how can you win?
Love + Miki + Inori - We are really sorry.
Miyuki - There are still one week left to the contest day. Do your best! Are you alright?
Love + Miki +Inori - We are alright!
Miyuki - I guess it’s time for you to take a break.
Then we will start practice again.
Love + Miki + Inori - Yes!

Miki - I think that I make a lot of mistake with my dance today.
Inori - I am also make a mistake with my dance.
Hey! Love-Chan!
What’s wrong?
Miki - Where you looking at?
Love - N…No! Nothing!
Miki - I know that you are thinking about the monster yesterday.
Inori - But It’s really different from others monster that we fought.
Love - Um…
It’s really strong.
Miki - If we have to fight with the monster like that again. I am not so sure we will defeat it.
Love - It’s Okay!
Until now we can defeat all of them.
If all of us combine our power! There are nothing than we can’t do.
Miki - Love….
Inori - Yes! We have to believe in our power.
Love - Yes! That’s right.
Miyuki - Girls….
It’s time to practice.
Love + Miki + Inori - Yes!
Kaoru-chan! We are full.
Kaoru - They haven’t eat a single donut.

Opening theme.

Moebuis - If u use this card you will receive the great power…
But… there must be something exchange.
Eas - If I can be useful for Lord Moebuis… it’s just my life….
Souler - It’s seems you are really exhausted.
- Look at the way to fought with Pretty Cure form last time, It’s seem you are also injure.
- Or… I think by myself.
Eas - Of course. You think by yourself.
Wester - Are you going to work alone again?
- We suppose to work together to finish Pretty Cure!
Eas - What are you talking about? I don’t remember why I have to work with you guys.
Souler - She said herself that she want to do it alone. Let’s spy on her work this time. Let’s see what see will do about it.

Ayumi - Love! Don’t you eat your breakfast?
Love - I’m so sorry! I was late!
See u later!
Ayumi - Why love always wake up so late at this time?
- And she didn’t have her dinner too. It will be bad for her health.
Tart - Another morning that she didn’t have her dinner.
Are you worried? Me either.
Look at that breakfast! That delicious yolk . If I were her I am sure I won't miss the breakfast.
I am kidding!
Is Peach-Haan will be alright?

Episode 20 “Dance and Pretty Cure… Which to choose”

Teacher - Next! Momozono-San.
Love - Yes!
Yumi - Love! Do your best.
Love - Time to jump! Time to jump!!
Teacher - Momozono-san….
Yumi - Are you alright, Love?
Love - I miss it! I miss it… I look terrible.
Yumi - What about going to the nursing room?
Love - I am fine. I am fine.
Daisuke - Look like you can’t jump in the sport class today.
Love - If you want to talk like that! Shut UP!!
Daisuke - You really look strange at this time around. In the class room you always fall to sleep. You didn’t eat all your lunch as always and your eyes are absent-minded.
Love - What! You look at me all time?
I feel bad about it.
Daisuke - It isn’t like that! Because you….
Love - Why!! Me why???
Daisuke - Let’s forget about it!! Don’t force yourself too much.
Cameraman - No!! Miki doesn’t look good today! You are really no spirit today!!
Miki - What do you mean?
Cameraman - There no charmed in your smile. Your face look pale and your eyes look no power.
A camera lens can’t lie.
If you don’t smile from your heart. The picture will tell everything.
Miki - I am so sorry.
Cameraman - It’s enough for today.
Miki - Yes!
I am not perfect at all.
Inori - Hi! Time to eat.
I guess you must be really hungry.
Just wait…. I…. will….bring you….a water….
- I am alright… I just a dizzy. Sorry to make you worried.
Kaoru - Young lady.
You want any donut?
Sorry - Sorry. I forgot my wallet at home today.
Kaoru - You don’t need to use money. Just test my new technic it would be a require.
Love - Oh! Just that….
But sorry for today, I pass. See you later.
Kaoru - How about I will make you a very special donut?
I will use the ingredient that can reload your power 100%.
About the test I can guarantee.
Love - Thank.
Setsuna - Hey! Go to dance lesson….
Love - Yes! I am really will do my best.
Setsuan - Really….
You are really force yourself.
What’s wrong?
Love - Well, Setsuna….
Setsuna - What?
Love - Well…..
Sorry! I am in hurry today, See u later.
What should I do… It looks like I myself look weaker and weaker.
Tart - Are you really going to dance lesson?
Love - The contest day almost come. I don’t have much time left.
Tart - Wagggggg! Peach-Haan….
Love - Ah… I feel so strange… why?
Tart - Not this or that you just get too much tried.
Love - Hahah! I am really fine.
Tart - To enter the dance contest the same time as being Pretty Cure. It too much opposed.
Love - Chiffon….
Chiffon - Love’s tried….. go to sleep…..
Love - Thank.
Love - Sorry that I make you worried again.
But.. Miyuki-san is waiting for me. See you later.
Tart - Enough!! The oppose smile from you it makes chiffon unhappy.
Open you ears and listen! If all of you fall down.
Pretty Cure is also fall down too.
Do you understand? You stubborn.
Love - Here I go!!
Tart - She is only looking forward to the future… I am get tried too.


Setsuna - Love….
Love - Setsuna… What are you doing in such an early….
Setsuna - You word from yesterday was in my mind. So, I do the fortune telling for you.
Love - about me?
Setsuna - “So much to do, so little done.”
Love - So much to do, so little done?
Setsuna - It means “ If you want to do anything you can’t be good in everything”
In the end you will get nothing.

Tart - To enter the dance contest the same time as being Pretty Cure. It too much opposed.

Setsuna - Love, You can’t be good in everything. You know?
The time for you to choose which you have to do it’s almost come.
But to do that you must prepare to decide to choose just one thing.
There is no time for you to hesitate.
Love - You are good at this, You are really get me.
- What you said it’s all correct. I am a little hesitate right now.
Setsuna - So….
Love - Because of you I will not hesitate anymore.
Setsuna - So, You can decide which to choose now right?
Love - I can’t
If I have to choose right now. I can’t do that.
Setsuna - Love…..
Love - For me… both things that I have to choose is really important for me.
Setsuna - All important?
Love - I know this is not good but I want myself and everyone to have this happiness.
Setsuna - What are you talking about? Haven’t you listened to what I said?
Love - So much to do, so little done? In the end I will get nothing right?
But that challenge me. It makes me want to have all of them in my both hand.
Setsuna - Don’t you get?!! Its will bring your sadness and you will fate the result that you can’t accept.
If you want to dance so dance!! You suppose to dance only that why I……..
Love - Thank!! Setsuna!! You are really worried about me.
Setsuna - Worried.
Love - I am alright! If I afraid that I will face the sadness. I will do my best and must believe that everything must turn out good.
And that, I will have the truly happiness.
Miyuki-san is waiting for me, See you later.
Setsuna - Worried?
- Am I worried about her?
- No way! It’s impossible!
- Switch Over!
- I am Eas.. A servant of Labyrinth who serve Lord Moebuis!!
- Pretty Cure, You won’t listen to my warned. I all will be sorry for this.
Miki+Inori - Love
Good morning.
Love - Good morning!
Inori - What wrong?.......
Love - Miki-tan, Bukki let’s try our best.
We must win the contest.
Inori - The voice… it’s the same sound as last time.
Miki - The sound come from building area.
Love - That area… Setsuna was there.
Eas - Finally show yourself, Pretty Cure.
Love - Where’s Setsuna?
Eas - Setsuna…..
She isn’t here.
Love - Is she really not here?
Eas - Instead of worrying about other, you should worrying about yourselves.
Love - Miki-tan, Bukki!! Transform.


Eas - It’s seems Pretty Cure still exhausted from the battle last time….
Miyuki - They’re so late. I wonder what are they doing?
Eas - Attack more! Don’t let Pretty Cure have time to recover their strength.
Peach - Cure stick’s time.

(Cure stick attack)

Peach - The attack not reach…..
Berry - Why?
Eas - Now!
- Prepare yourself Pretty Cure!!
Berry - We have to do something…..
Pine - How? Our attack won’t reach the monster….
Peach - How about if we try to attack in closer?
Eas - No matter how many times you attack!! It won’t work, Pretty Cure!!
- Finish them now!!

( Pretty Cure, Cure stick attack)

Eas - What?
Love - Miki-tan, Bukki… We finally make it.

Souler - How praise.
It’s seem you can make pretty cure lose their strength more than last time.
Wester - From now let two of us take care of them.
Eas - Stop interfere!!
- The one who will destroy Pretty Cure is me.
- Lord Moebuis. Please! Give me more power…
Love - We have to go…..
Miki - Miyuki-san…..
Inori - …. Is waiting for us….
Love - Miyuki-san…..
Tart - What’s wrong, Chiffon?
No way! Peach-hann and the girls.

Love - Miyuki-san.
Miyuki - You were late again!


Tart - Miyuki-haan! Please! Become Pretty Cure. Right now your power is needed. I know it suddenly to ask you a difficult question, but I beg you! Please! Please! Because right now… bodies of Peach-haan and the girls almost split into pieces.

Love - Fresh Pretty Cure!

Next episode “ The forth Pretty Cure is you”

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