DokiDoki Precure Episode 35

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Translation: Kanmuri

TL in progress



Makoto: What?
My Mirror Lovies...

Davi: Try it out!
Davi! Davier! Daviest!

4 Girls: The Princess!
Aguri: Princess Ann!

Ann: It's been a while, hasn't it, Cure Sword?


Part 1

Ann: I am presently encased in ice and unable to awaken.
And I surely do not have much power left.
Nevertheless, there is something I felt I must convey to you at all costs.

Makoto: What is it, this thing you wanted to tell us?

Ann: Something about the one you are caring for, Ai-chan.

Mana: Princess, pleased to make your acquaintance.
I'm Ohgai First Middle School's Student Council President, Aida Mana!
Do you know Ai-chan, Princess?

Rikka: Your fiance, Jonathan Klondike, said he found her egg on the riverbank.

Aguri: Shhh... You're going to wake Ai-chan.

Ann: She has two missions.
The first is as a fairy to grant power to the Precure.
The second is as a suppressive shield.

Rikka: A shield?

Ann: As I'm sure you know, the Selfishe exploit the selfish feelings all humans have inside their hearts in order to swell their numbers.

Mana: Yes, Cheryl explained that much.

Ai-chan: Kewpietwump!

Ann: Ai-chan's light power suppresses Malergy, the source of power for the Selfishe.

Alice: To think that Ai-chan had such a power...

Lance: Shocking...

Ann: If her shield power were to weaken, there would be an explosive growth in Selfishe activity.
You should have had a taste of that already.

Raquel: That's right!

Rikka: That has to be what caused Ira and Mammo to power-up.

Cheryl: But, why did Ai-chan's power suddenly weaken?

Ann: That's because she's entered her "No! No!" phase.

Mana: "No! No!" phase?

Ann: It's when a baby first starts asserting themselves.
It's "No!" to this and "No!" to that, causing quite the trouble for their parents.
But it's a vital step in in their emotional development.

Rikka: My mom said something to that effect as well.

Ann: Whether she becomes a bright and cheerful girl or a selfish one all depends on how you raise her.

Mana: Wait!
If Ai-chan were to become a selfish child...

Ann: Her power would vanish and the shield would disappear.

Sheryl: No way!

Ann: Please...
Take Ai-chan's hand...
She is.... this world's final....

Makoto: Wait! Princess! I still have things I want to ask you!

Davi: She's gone.

Makoto: Princess...

Lance: Leggo!

Cheryl: Lance!

Raquel: What's wrong?

Lance: Help me!

Cheryl: A little nibbling on your ear is nothing to get so worked up about.

Lance: It wasn't just a little! It hurt more than usual!

Rikka: Could it be?
It is!

Mana: Hmm? What is it?

Rika: Look here.

Makoto: Isn't this...

Mana: Ai-chan has grown out a tooth!

Ira: Whoa, aren't you eating a bit much?

Mammo: But I keep eating and eating and I'm never full!
It's go to be this ring's fault.
It feels like the more power I use from it, the more it makes me eat!

Ira: I'm pretty sure your Blood Ring was made from Gula's Malergy.

Mammo: Man, it won't come off!

Ira: Still, I what was that power then, anyway?
It doesn't seem like it was this ring.
Could it really be that baby, like Bel was sayin'?

Ira: You're still eating!?

Mammo: Parfaits go in a separate stomach.

Ira: Don't blame me if you swell up all Gula-like.

Mammo: You've got a point...
Well then, I guess I'll go get a little exercise.
Fighting the Precure should be quite the workout.

Sign: Antique Shop Solitaire

Mana: See, Ai-chan, after eating, you need to brush your teeth like this.
Okay Ai-chan, you try now.
Say "ah"!

Ai-chan: No

Rikka: If you don't brush your teeth, you'll get cavities!

Ai-chan: No! No!

Makoto: Umm... what are cavities?

Mana: You don't know?

Rikka: Cavities are what happen when Streptococcus mutans bacteria in your mouth cause your teeth to decay.
It's quite frightening!

Makoto: Your teeth decay!?

Davi: The human world has truly frightening diseases.

Alice: Eating nothing but sweets is makes it all the easier for cavities to develop.
Are your teeth okay, Aguri-chan?

Aguri: There is no need to be concerned. I brush my teeth every day!

Makoto: Brush your teeth?

{Flashback to CM}
Makoto: Feel refreshed by brushing your teeth!

On-screen text, top: New!
On-screen text, bottom: Royal White

Makoto: Get that fresh clean feeling with Royal White!
Brushing your teeth is for preventing cavities!?

Rikka: You did that commerical without knowing that?

Mana: Don't worry, if you faithfully brush your teeth every day, you shouldn't get any cavities.

Makoto: Thank goodness.

Davi: What's wrong, Makoto?

Makoto: It hurts! My teeth hurt!

Sign: Antique Shop Solitaire

Rikka: No doubt about it, that is a cavity.

Makoto: Ugh...

Cheryl: It seems you weren't brushing properly after all!

Raquel: Even though teeth are vital to a celebrity!

Lance: Makopi fails as an idol!

Makoto: How rude!
I was too brushing!

Rikka: There's also a proper way to brush your teeth. If you accidentally miss some when brushing, you can get cavities.

Makoto: Really?

Alice: What has happened has happened. Let's get you to a dentist so they can fix it.

Makoto: A dentist?

Sign: Aozora Dental Clinic {already in English on the sign, no typesetting needed}

Mana: We brought Ai-chan along to watch.

Ai-chan: No no no

Cheryl: For times like this...
Raquel: ...use this!

Lance: Lanch-chance!

Cheryl: Here you go, Ai-chan.

Raquel: This should cheer you up!

Ai-chan: Yes yes!

Davi: Looks like your cavity is repairable.

Makoto: Thank goodness. I don't know what I'd do if I had to keep living with this pain.

Rikka: Your relief is premature.

Davi + Makoto: Huh?

Rikka: The true horror of a cavity is yet to come...

Makoto: Wh-what are they doing?

Mana: Drilling out the cavity.

Makoto: Drilling teeth!?
What's that?

Mana: Pliers.

Makoto: I can see that, I'm asking what they're used for!

Mana: If the cavity can't be fixed, or in the case of wisdom teeth, they're used to pull out the tooth.

Makoto: P-pull out teeth!?

Dentist: Hello.

Mana: Hello.

Dentist: We're going to start treatment of your cavity now.
Please open your mouth nice and wide and let me take a look at your teeth.
Let me know if anything hurts, please.

Makoto: On second thought, I'm fine!

Mana: Uh... wait Makopi!