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DokiDoki! Precure Episode 22

WELP. This happened: Which resulted in this: Enjoy the episode! HD Torrent SD Torrent

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WELP. Here we are again, but this time (we think) we’re going to finish it – DokiDoki! Precure Episode 20

–FUNNY PICTURE WILL GO HERE….. AT SOME POINT IN TIME…. Okay, I want to go ahead and release this, so I’m just typing stuff here so that we’ll have something in the blog which will probably get changed later Ipsum Lorum est, etc… Anyhoo, below are the torrents and they’re also on the [PreCure]AllStars bot […]

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Pretty Cure Music Soundtracks and other Miscellaneous Musicstuffs

Okay, thanks to Deidryt, Bluntasaur, syaoran-kun, RiderLeangle, Phosphatide, and a few other people (possibly), we now have OVER 9000 MB worth of precure music. \(^o^)/ Feel free to grab the torrent and start getting. They’ll be seeded in perpetuity by yours truly. Torrent

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