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Koe Girl 1+2 + Precure 15th Anniversary PVs

We’ve hopped on board the Koe Girl train after all.  We’ve joined forces with SkewedS Translations to get the resources of both groups behind future releases of this series, and will be primarily releasing via SkewedS.  Curecom is providing TLC and editing resources. This is a really fun show produced by TV Asahi for the […]

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Koe Girl!

For those that haven’t heard, Toei is producing a live action fictional TV drama following the daily lives of 5 voice actresses inspired by Precure, in honor of the 15th anniversary of Precure.  The main character is performed by Fukuhara Haruka (aka Cure Custard/Arisugawa Himari from Kirakira Precure), and features frequent appearances by Tomatsu Haruka […]

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Nyaa links fixed

It was pointed out that a whole mess of our torrent links in the series database were pointing at, which no longer exists.  We’ve updated the index to point those links at one of the sites that popped up to replace it which had mirrored the files.  Sorry for the inconvenience the last few […]

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It finally happened! Dokidoki! Precure episode 21

And by that, we mean what’s in the screenshot, it’s a real one this time, not a joke.  Yep, it happened.  This is a kids’ show, right? HD Torrent SD Torrent

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The bot is back

After wondering where the hell we’ve been for so long, we’ve finally gotten the [PreCure]AllStars IRC bot on Rizon back online (as of early Sunday morning) with everything Precure that’s subbed in English that’s worth knowing about.  The pack list is linked on the right ☛ This also means our subbing workspace is back, so hopefully […]

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Where the hell has CureCom been?

Well, right here, really.  We were supposed to be moving the server which hosts our IRC bot and our subbing workspace to a new hosting provider back in April.  One thing led to another with our server admin’s real life getting in the way, and the hosting for the old server wound up being allowed […]

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Wanted: Screenshots for older series

Most of you have probably already made use of our Series directory which has lists of links to all the episodes in every Precure series.  Kudos to CureGecko for initially putting that together and maintaining it.  Since Fresh or so we’ve been putting a screenshot from each episode on the directory entry for it.  Most […]

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And just when you thought all was lost — DokiDoki! Precure episode 19

Did you think the Ponies thing was a joke?  Well, no joke.  It really did get Rika back to editing for us.  But the part about us only doing Ponies now, well, I guess that part was a joke.  Now that we have Rika back, have some Precure! Regina decides to make a game of […]

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Pwnies for your enjoyment

We know it’s been a while since our last release, and we’re sorry, but we’ve decided to switch gears from Precure to Ponies. It was the most effective thing we could find to get Rika-chama to get back to editing for us. (Well, that, and Sakura Trick ended, which was otherwise occupying his time). So […]

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WordPress status widget

The status widget I wrote for WordPress that we’re using in the sidebar on the right which shows the progress towards completing upcoming episodes is now available on GitHub in case anyone else wants to use it or help make it work better. 🙂  

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